On this page you will find some of my favorite tutorials.

This tutorial from Margaret Bremner, CZT is a must for anyone who likes to tangle.  Paradox can be a tricky tangle and Margaret Bremner does and awesome job of breaking it down into easy steps, not only for the basic tangle but for numerous variations.

This video will teach you the basics of transferring an image using graphite.  This is the technique I use to transfer the Zendala templates I print onto my Zentangle tiles and it works perfectly every time.  A few notes about this tutorial:  The instructor in the video says to use a 2B or softer pencil.  This is great if you have one but not really necessary.  I use my Zentangle mini pencil all the time and it works just fine.  Also, in the video he uses a colored pencil.  This is mostly for demonstration purposes, but using a ball point pen (with ink) or a colored pencil is very handy because you can see the lines you have already completed.  If you do choose to use something colored, just be very careful not to tear your paper.  Personally, I use an embossing tool used for brass templates.  Martha Stewart makes a great bone folder that also hides a cutting blade, tweezers, and two embossing tips.  Its the Swiss Army knives of bone folders.  I also recommend investing in some low tack tape.  It it inexpensive, available in most craft stores, and does a great job of holding your tile in place while you are tracing.

Michele Beauchamp, CZT is the master of the spiral.  All of her creations are amazing and most contain one of her spiral creations.  She was generous enough to write a basic tutorial on how she creates these spirals and how to best fill them with tangles.

Auraknot + Paradox = Fabulous!

A tutorial for blending Auraknot and Paradox to create one of the best hybrids ever!

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