Monday, November 2, 2015

Zendala Dare #115

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful week and a spooktacular Halloween.  Halloween is my favorite holiday so I did my usual and had the family over, made some chili and ate way too much candy.  I went trick or treating with the nieces and nephew and then conned them out of some of their treats!  Yes, I'm that aunt.

In other news, after 4 months I am finally working as a nurse!  A few months back I was offered a great opportunity to work at a small local hospital in the emergency room.  The only catch, it wasn't open.  Yep, a hospital with no patients.  I had always planned on working at a much larger facility but things work in mysterious ways and I ended up at a small district hospital.  The hospital had closed 18 months ago due to financial hardship and was now being reopened with the help of a private benefactor and lots of community support.  So on October 30th we opened the doors and I have been a VERY busy nurse ever since.  

Because I was so busy I thought I might not have time for a Zendala Dare this week but it was just what I needed after a few crazy days so without further ado.

Zendala Dare #115

This is the first Zendala Dare of the month so there is an added challenge.  As we all know, November brings with it the Thanksgiving holiday so I thought it might be nice to give thanks in the way of tangles.  This weeks added challenge is to only use tangles that start with the letters T-H-A-N-K-S.   You don't have to use all the letters, but you can only use one's that start with those 5 letters.   It's easy to give Thanks when your doing it Zendala style!

Tangles:  Tawk, Heartstrings, Amaze,
N'Zeppel, Knase, Stumpt

I managed to get 5 tangle into this Zendala which was not really my intention.  It just worked out that way.  I think this one could have used a bit more contrast but I'm not really sure how I would have done it so this will have to do.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I can't wait
to see what you do with the template!


  1. I like this template and would love to start right now (8:15 a.m.) but will have to wait until tonight :-(
    You did a great job with it.
    And ...... congratulations with your new job!!!!!

  2. YAY! I'm really happy for you, Erin. Congrats :)

  3. For me al your dare's are a party. I love them al. Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Erin, I just have to say,........... I was all ready to use my "go to " tangle Mooka, and then I kept reading and you told us to use certain tangles. WOW,....what a challenge!!! But you know what,.... I love it!!!! I love how you mix things up and Keep us on our toes. That's what a challenge should be! Can't thank you enough for inspiring me to get into zendalas. Your challenge has gotten me over my fear of them!! :0) Have an awesome weekend! :0)

    1. Ps,.... I love the strong contrast in yours. Nicely done!! :0)

  5. Thanks for posting this challenge. I've looked at many of the challenges - this is my first time posting. I love your choice of tangles. Beautiful.

  6. Congratulations on your new job! :)

  7. WOW! this abstract design looks awesome. How have you created it? By using the letters? This is really a wonderful work which shows your creative talent.

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