Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zendala Dare #104

Zendala Dare #104

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE this template.  This template is only about 2 weeks old and it's already sleeping through the night and I have been thinking about it every day and how I wanted to use it.

Link to Zendala #104 template  

(Please note that I have changed my hosting site for the templates from Google Drive to Dropbox.  This should not be a significant change for my readers but if you do have trouble accessing it please leave me a comment below)

Tangles:  Apeel, Croon, Wartz
For my rendition I used the tangle Wartz (a favorite of mine) in the center and then a tangleation of Warts on the edge.  I used a tangleation of Croon for the cones and then Apeel to top them off.

This Zendala has a lot of tangleations and that brings up a point I want to make.  People often write to me and ask why I just list the tangle name under my tile and not when I use tangleations of those tangles and the reason is this.  When you are completing a Zendala is is sometimes difficult to fit a repetitive pattern into the space you are trying to fill so you must just use one section of that pattern or some of it's components.  For example, I say that I am using Croon for the cones but really only the base of the cone is Croon and the top is just linework.  I call it Croon because that is what inspired me as I was looking through my pattern book.  Next week I may use a similar feature but call it something else because I saw a different tangle that used it.  I feel that in order for something to be a true tangleation it should be modified in a repetitive way and Zendala's usually don't provide enough space to meet that standard for me.  So when I am deciding what to call a tangle I go by two rules 1)What inspired me? 2) Give credit where credit it due.  My ultimate goal is to list the tangles so that you can be inspired and check out directions for the complete tangle yourself and then you can decide what to do with it.  The possibilities are endless!

My parting gift to you this week is this picture.  I took
it yesterday when I took my niece and nephew to lunch.
Check out how adorable she is and his keen 
fashion sense.  

Have a fantastic week!


  1. A quite different template, Erin! I think this one is not so very easy to work with and I wondered what to do with it. I started last night and it was BIG fun. It is almost done now, so some shading and then I'll put it online.
    Your zendala is very beautiful!!!

  2. I had a great time with this template. I think this is my first time entering your challenge. I told myself that I need to get more familiar with zendalas if i'm gonna start teaching about them.
    Oh, I love the pic on your niece and nephew. Love the sport in' socks!! :0)

  3. Fabulous Zendala. If you have to kick me off because of lack of official tangles I understand. A true challenge, you hit the nail on the head with this one.

    1. Beverly, this challenge is for inspiration and mutual admiration. There are no "rules" about using official tangles. I just ask that you work in the spirit of Zentangle which is exactly what you did. Love your Zendala!

  4. So glad you are back Erin! I love your Zendala - especially Wartz, which is also a favourite of mine and I probably first saw it on one of your Zendala's.
    I didn't love this template as much as you - but, it was fun to do - almost because I found it awkward!

  5. Really fantastic. I love how you tangled it.

  6. Dear Bright Owl, your Tangle Drawings are so lovely. To my hearts regret, I must unsubscribe from all my newsletters/blog posts. Business reasons require my undivided attention for some time. With heartfelt blessings to you and yours, Tracy McDonald



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