Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Zendala Dare #103

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I know I did.  Things have been so crazy around here.  My husband started a new job two weeks ago and I started my new job at the hospital last week so it's sort of a small miracle that the hubby and I were able to manage a mini vacation this weekend.  I had actually planned this getaway months ago because we had a credit at a bed and breakfast that we love to go to and we are new members of the wine club at Handley Cellars so we were invited to attend their Summer Celebration.

I didn't really know what to expect.  The invite just said that there would be wine, food and music.  How can you go wrong?  They had several food stations with wine pairings and you can be sure that we tried every one of them!

Delicious paté from
The Bewildered Pig
Can a crab cake actually change
your life?
It can when it comes from Aquarelle.

We took in the gorgeous sites:

And then bid Handley Cellars farewell:

We proceeded up north to beautiful coastal town of Mendocino which has always been a favorite of ours.  I have been trying to get more exercise as of late so on Sunday we decided to go for a walk/hike at a place I have wanted to visit for many years, the Pygmy Forest at Van Damme State Park.  The Pygmy Forest is a grove of trees that are hundreds of years old, but still very small considering their age.  Supposedly this had to do with a shifting of the coastline and certain characteristics in the soil that doesn't allow the trees to reach their max potential. 

I tried to get the best pictures I could but it's difficult to show them to scale.  None of these trees were higher than 20 feet.  



After making our way through the Pygmy forest we enjoyed a beautiful 4 mile hike that I can't wait to do again.  The weather was absolutely perfect and so were the surroundings.



On Monday we took a leisurely drive home and decided to visit another state park, Hendy Woods in Philo.  It proved to have equally beautiful scenery and an easy 2 mile trail.

And then I finished off the weekend doing what I love to do most:

Zendala Dare #103

Tangles:  Mooka, Diva Dance, Knightsbridge

This Zendala is a true testament to why you should never give up.  Ever since I created this template I have been thinking that Mooka was perfect for the outer ring.  The problem is, I'm not a big fan of Mooka.  It just never looks good to me.  I enjoy drawing it.  I enjoy when Maria draws it even more because it looks fantastic when she does it!  I just feel like mine falls a bit short.  On top of that, I completed the first Mooka and realized I had a bad pen so I had to trace over it which didn't look great either and to top it all off I made a mistake in one of the bottom points.  I decided to try to cover the mistake by blacking out the point and once I did that the piece started to come together and I enjoyed the contrast.  Throw in a little Knightsbridge and some Diva Dance and the finished piece doesn't look half bad, and to think I almost gave up!

What do you have in store for this template?
I can't wait to see!


  1. Can't wait to try this. I find these challenges take me a bit longer than a week to complete. I'm looking forward to the journey!

  2. Loved the template this week. (and I feel the same as you about Mooka.)

  3. I liked this template a lot and also what you did with it. There is great contrast in yours. Mooka is one of the tangles I keep have trouble with, so, you're not alone :-)



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