Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zendala Dare #91 and a giveaway WINNER!

Happy Winter Weather everyone!  I'm sure by now we are all experiencing some form of winter weather with the severity dependent on where you are.  Here in California's wine country it has been VERY wet for the last 3 days.  We really need the rain but it's a big pain to have to work on the ambulance when the weather is uncooperative.  Luckily, I have more school than work this week so hopefully I can stay nice and dry.

The big event for this week was my birthday.  We don't need to talk about how many of them I have celebrated but this one was pretty low key and still wonderful.   I had school for most of the day but my amazing friends presented me with a chocolate cake with a Salted Caramel frosting and it was delicious!

I followed that with dinner with family and a few friends and then a full 8 hours of sleep (which almost never happens with my schedule)!  It was a great day.

Zendala Dare #91

Here's your template:

Link to Zendala Dare #91 template

When I began working on this template I felt really connected to the leaf shapes on the outside.  It reminded me of a crown of leaves that Caeser Augustus might wear.  It provided alot of inspiration for a new tangle and I immediately wanted something reminiscent of lettuce because I wanted to it to be a riff on Caeser.  Caeser.  Lettuce.  Get it?  I did end up with a lettuce like tangle in eventually, but in the end I chose to use another new creation.   It's  call Lewer because it reminds me of fishing lures.  The whole thing is so Zentangle, you never get what your aiming for!

Tangles:  Lewer, Brix, Pendrills, Dragonair
I want to thank you for all the awesome inspiration you gave me for my birthday.  Reading all the awesome suggestions for "gift tangles" was truly a treat.  Some of you left your suggestions in your posts while others included them in the comments.  I'm going to start with the ones in the Linkey Machine posts and when I am finished with those I will tackle the ones in the comments.  The first "gift tangle" is Dragonair, submitted by Caroona.  Dragonair was actually created by fellow CZT Norma Burnell and was presented at my certification course, CZT 7.  I feel kind of special that I was there when it was "born".  Thanks Caroona for the suggestion.  It was nice to revisit an old favorite.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
I know you have all been patiently waiting for the winner
of last week's giveaway so without further ado, the winner is:

Judy Powalski

Judy will have her choice of the book Yoga for the Brain, by
Sandra Steen Bartholomew or the new iPhone app Tangle Library.

* * * * * * * * * 

I hope you all have a fantastic week and remember to stay warm and dry!


  1. Hi, Erin. Hope you've recovered from your Birthday, and that it was terrific.
    I'm having a problem accessing the template. They keep telling me I need your permission.

    1. Never Mind. Either it finally worked, or you gave permission.

  2. Hi Erin - The cake looks delish! - I'm having the same problem as Audrie - It says I need permission to get to the templates.

    1. It was a setting error. You should be able to access it now. : )

  3. Stunning cake, Erin! Bet you enjoyed those 8 hours - I'm hopeless without enough sleep. The template looks very tempting this week and my fingers are itching...Hope I can access it OK - seems you've fixed the problem.

  4. Ummmm, cake. My BD was last week, my hubby's is today. He's been sick, and weather so bad, we didn't have a cake. Hope you don't mind, but we're stealing yous!

  5. Another nice template to get stuck into. Thanks, Erin. I hope you didn't get stuck into that incredible cake - well not too desperately. It looks extremely sinful!

  6. I love this template and your work on it. It was a tough one for me to fill. Uh, don't you think you need to share that cake? It looks absolutely divine!

  7. This is the second time I'm trying to post a comment. I hope it works this time. Especially since I forget what I said the first time, and have to start all over. I love this template; could probably come up with a few more ways to fill it. You are amazing, coming up with new ones week after week. Thanks again for all your work.

  8. Interesting template. Glad that your birthday was a good time. The cake looks delicious. Also congrats to Judy for winning the cards or app.

  9. Happy Valentine's Day to all! And WOW that cake! There must be a tangle in that frosting somewhere...

  10. Love the cake! Thank you for the new dare!

  11. Sorry this one was late. Valentine's week was a bad week for me. I enjoyed the Zendala, I really appreciate you for all the challenges you put out for us to do. Thank you!



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