Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A new tangle and the Diva challenge

I was feeling under the weather today and you are the one who's going to benefit!  There was a million things I could have done but in the end a little tangling, some comfort food, and Sex in the City reruns won out.

First up is the Diva Challenge.  This weeks challenge was to create a Valentines Day inspired tile.  I happened to have a few renaissance tiles with me so I chose to use on of them.  I love how you can use all kinds of colors and still have a cohesive piece. 

Tangle: Heartstrings
I tried to lighten a few areas using a white charcoal pencil and a soapstone but I didn't really get the result I wanted.  It's pretty, just not what I had envisioned.


About two weeks ago I put up the step out for my new tangle Putter.  Soon after one of my readers commented below that it looked a lot like Jane Monk's tangle Connector.  I checked it out and sure enough there were many similarities.

Ya know.  It was bound to happen.  When I create a new tangle I usually use it in a piece and then wait to see if anyone comments that it looks like a similar tangle.  Putter had been on my blog for at least six months and I hadn't heard anything so I decided to post the step out.  Luckily, a reader brought it to my attention that it was very similar.

The truth of the matter is that it is a very rare exception that someone creates a new tangle.  Most tangle's are simply existing patterns that are broken down so that they can be used in the Zentangle method.  Then you add in combos and variations and suddenly you are into Tangos ( a new Zentangle term I was only recently introduced to) and Tangleations.  It's a sticky situation all the way around and lets face it, there is a fine line between being inspired and flat out copying.

So I had to make a decision about what I should do with this tangle.  I looked at Jane's pattern and saw that it involved many types of connectors, something Putter does not use.  I also saw that her's was limited to circles, which Putter is not.  Putter uses fills inside the shapes and Connector does not.  I decided that since Putter was already being circulated out in Zentangle land, the best option was to modify the step out so that it reflected one of my optional tangleations which uses squares, triangles and some hexagons rather than the circles used in Connector.  

Is this the best solution?  I don't know.  What I do know is that when I went to CZT training and Rick Roberts was talking about how we should conduct Zentangle business he said the first rule was "Don't be a jerk!", so that is what I am using as my guiding principle for this little dilemma.  

Jane's tangle is much older than mine and while I do not recall seeing it before there is a definite chance that I came across it at one point and was subconsciously inspired by it.  Jane is an amazing artist and I  consider myself lucky to be able to count her among my CZT family.

Below you will find the revised step out for Putter:

Now I hardly ever use the "D" word but I'm going to use it here so avert your eyes if it is too painful!  This tangle came about while I was doodling while waiting on hold on the phone.  I was truly just making random shapes on a paper and connecting them but then I thought it might work as a nice filler tangle.  I named it Putter because it reminds me of the old Tinker Toys and when I think "tinker" it reminds me of "putter" like when people talk about how men like to tinker and putter out in the garage.  It is very versatile. Change the shapes, change the fill.  There are tons of possibilities for this one. Get the printable PDF for Putter here.   Have fun!


  1. This looks like a fun tangle. My husband is playing golf on the play station and was explaining about puttering (or whatever the word is) when I started reading your post. Will try this one very soon.

  2. I like your tile for the Challenge a lot. Here it is 'less is more' in all it's glory.
    Thanks for sharing the Putter!

  3. Lovely heartstrings, Erin - and sorry you're feeling too! Tangling is great comfort along with a favourite TV show.
    Putter looks great - and very like those building block toys my children used to have. A nice antidote to a few too many hearts!

  4. I like Putter! those "D" things do inspire us don't they?? I've been working on bookmarkers for a workshop next weekend and have been making bookmarkers..over 100 done so far... I pulled out a few of valentine or love themed ones to share.. you can check them out at my blog: enjoy!!

  5. Replies
    1. ...also, Love your Valentangle, great colors and movement.

  6. Love the blue pen on the tile. I haven't tried other colors on the tan tiles yet.
    Fun new tangle too! Thanks!

  7. Like your flowing heartstrings. Simple yet effective.

  8. Your heartstrings are very pretty. Have you seen Jane Monk's Connector tangle? Very similar to Putter

    1. Hi Debra, I took a look at Connector, and you are right, there are a lot of similarities but I think there are a few differences too. I have updated my post and my step out to accentuate the differences. I appreciate the heads up. I love that we all look out for each other this way!



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