Friday, November 8, 2013

Zendala Dare #80

Well hello there!  I hope you are all enjoying these fabulous autumn days.  Fall is by far my most favorite season and I am so excited to have a little time off this week to enjoy it.  This past week has been pretty boring.  School, work, school, work.  There is a brand new HUMONGOUS casino that just opened about 20 miles south of where I live so my company has been providing medical standby there and will continue to for the next few weeks. I already worked a shift there and it was surprisingly uneventful so I picked a few more up for next week.  I hope to have lots of time to post some exciting new things for you.  We'll see how that goes.  

I loved what you guys did with last weeks template.  I was happy to see that there were so many thank you's for Rick and Maria.  I know we all feel lucky for Zentangle and I'm sure that Rick and Maria will appreciate all your efforts.  I will write them an email this week with a link to the post so that they can enjoy all your entries.

Zendala Dare #80

Lately I have been creating templates that have more spaces than usual.  I thought this one might be a little busy but it actually worked out well.

For my first tile I went traditional:

Tangles:  Echoism, Senju

I love the depth I was able to create with Senju.  Maybe I'll get around to posting the step out this week for that one.  Probably not, but I can dream can't I?

Tangles: River, Laced, DL Sunray, Printemps
For my second attempt I used a gold pen on a black Zendala tile.  This one came out better than I expected even though I was a sissy and didn't attempt to shade it!

I have a little mini challenge for you this week.  Try
to do some tangling outdoors.  This weather is too beautiful
not to take advantage of it.  I hope you all have
a great week!


  1. Great that you had some extra time this week! The template looks quite different, but I like that. I love the feeling to have no idea what to do with it and later after starting it just develops.
    Tangling outside is great, I do it al the time if possible. If it will be possible now, I doubt because ther is a lot of rain in the Netherlands these days.

  2. Thanks Erin, it is gorgeous and I will give it a try......thank you for your inspirational templates and gorgeous examples of what can be done to even more fully beautify them!

  3. Thanks for the nice template, Erin. I don't know about your weather, but it's been raining heavily here in Germany with up to gale force winds, so I think I'll stay indoors to draw, after all!

  4. I happen to be one of those crazy people who LOVE summer in the Phoenix area. Those 110 plus degrees days don't bother me one bit. I don't like being cold at all :) Thanks for another great template, Erin. I really liked this one a lot and had fun playing!

  5. My first ever Dare! Thank you so much for providing these templates, they really do make you think in a different way. I'm just a novice at tangling and learning Zentangle, but I am really enjoying the process and am in awe at some of the amazing works that people produce. I have yet to find another tangler in Spain...hope to be spreading the word. Axxx

  6. I was happy to see this template! Usually the templates are wonderfully complex - but I can't do what I want with them on a 3 1/2" tile. This one opened up lots of possibilities for me. Thanks!

  7. So much fun, thank you!

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