Friday, September 6, 2013

Zendala Dare #72 - Through thick and thin

It has been a busy week around here.  I started off the week with a day off!  I know!  Can you believe it?  The husband wanted to get out of the house and I was in agreement so I suggested that we go to Armstrong Woods State Natural Reserve.  It's a popular recreational spot about 20 minutes from our house.  The strange part is that I have lived in Sonoma County for 28 years and to my recollection I have never been to Armstrong Woods.  I have been wanting to go for a couple months now, ever since I decided I wanted to try some new things.  It actually made me a little sad once we got there and I saw how beautiful it was and realized how much I had been missing out on.  

Armstrong Woods is home to some amazing redwoods.  The husband and I started by wandering through some of these amazing giants and just taking it all in.

Eventually we came to the end of our first trail and had to make a decision about where to head next.  I saw a spot on the trail map marked Pond Farm Pottery which was a coincidence because there was a recent newspaper article about Pond Farm and until I read the article I had no idea it existed.  Pond Farm Pottery is the only remaining building from an artists colony that was established in the late 1940's.  One of the most popular artists, Marguerite Wildenhain, a potter from Germany was one of the only artists to be at the colony for its entire duration which was several years.  When the other artists left and the property owners died the state used imminent domain to take control of the property.  Wildenhain was a very popular teacher and her students made their outrage known.  The state agreed to allow her to keep her studio and modest home and she continued to teach pottery until close to her death in 1985 at which time the state took control of her property.  I had read in the newspaper that everything in her studio had been left as is including her supplies and potters wheels so I decided the hubby and I should take the easy 1 1/2 mile walk to see it.  

Yah right.  This road we had to take seem like it went straight up and was in direct sun the entire time!  It was only an elevation climb of 300 feet but for a plus size girl who doesn't exercise as much as she should it felt like a trail only appropriate for mountain goats!

Eventually we reached the top and guess what?  Closed to the public on holidays.  I could see the look in the husbands eyes when he got to the entrance before me.  It was a look that said "Oh no, how's she going to handle this?"  To be honest, I was pretty dissappointed but lacked so much oxygen by this point that I couldn't really muster a true emotion.  Instead I just snapped some pictures.  

The studio 

After finishing our little walking adventure it was off to a local brewery for some lunch.  You can't beat a view like this. 

As far as the rest of the week goes it was business as usual.  School.  Work.  School.  Work.  But I did manage to get a few tangling tasks done and post step outs for two of my tangles, Midoosa and Bault.  Give them a try, I think you will like them.

Friday was the first test of the semester and I am proud to report that I scored a 92%!  What better way to celebrate than with a handsome man and a shaved ice.

My nephew is such a cutie!
Zendala Dare #72 - Through thick and thin

It's the first Zendala Dare of the month so you get the added bonus of an extra little challenge.  Lately there have been a lot of ZIA's on Pinterest that employ using different widths of pens.  It creates a look that I really like but when you stray to far from your Micron 01 are you still staying true to Zentangle?  I guess thats a question for Rick and Maria but I'm a purist.  I almost always use a Micron 01 and only use the thicker pens to fill, not draw, and I almost never use a 005.  It got me to thinking about what would happen if I did a whole tile with a thinner or fatter pen tip and how would that expand or limit my tangles? So this week your challenge is to do a tile using only a thick or thin pen for the whole tile.  You can use a 005 (or equivalent) or an 08 (or equivalent) but you can't use them together.  You must line and fill with the same pen.  Makes you re-think those tangle choices, doesn't it?  

Here's your template:

Tangles: Wone, Black Pearlz

For my "thin" tile I decided to go with color.  This is a standard Zentangle tile done with a Micron 005 in green.  This tile photographed really poorly.  I shaded with a Derwent Coloursoft pencil that looks much greener in the picture.  I know you are thinking that the string of black pearls is the work of a genius really cool but it is actually a coverup.  I had my Micron 08 in black out on the table and accidentally started using it after a little break.  I had to add the string of pearls to cover it but I rather like the effect.  

Tangles:  Printemps, DL Sunray, Nipa,
I thought I would like the "thin" tile best but after completing my thick tile, this is definately the winner.  I love the bold details I was able to produce using my Micron 08.  This tile has a great graphic quality that I think looks better naked than shaded.  Even though it is black and white this tiles reminds me of a stained glass design.


  1. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. And thanks for the template!

  2. Hi!
    I'e not been online to tangle or een touch base in my blogs and sites much due to difficult family issues. But I moved to Alabama with my daughter's family last month and am finally ready to start spending some time catching back up with my creative side. So happy to be back and love this template. Your trip sounds like it was awesome and I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Be blessed!
    aka: DayLee Doodler

  3. Thank you for this lovely template and it's extra. I just finished it and will put it online tomorrow morning (it is 23.20 PM here now).
    Great trip, with great photos, that's what always happens, you don't go to the things nearby. I lived in Rotterdam for years and never went on the Euromast until a person from Switzerland came to visit-:)

  4. I'm new to zentangles and ZIAs and Zendalas but have always done similar things and had been doing daily doodles for the last month. Someone on my facebook recommended zentangles and I'm addicted. So I'll be taking this challenge. So far I've primarily been drawing my zentangles with whatever pen is available but I just placed an order for better pens and a graphite pencil and such. Looking forward to nice clean lines from the prisma micron pens. In the mean time I'll probably just be using the ball point pen on my desk so it will all be done with a pen the same thickness...but I don't know what thickness that would be LOL Anyway thanks for the great inspiration I'll post a blog entry about zentangles in the next day or so, and post this challenge right at the top.

  5. What a beautiful place! Bummer the pottery building wasn't open. I love pottery and would have to go back so I could see them in action and everything they made. :) You guys look like you were having a great time.



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