Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A new tangle (sort of): Bault

I'm a blibber.  Do you know what that is?  Probably not since I just made it up.  It's a blogger who is a fibber.  What could I possibly be fibbing about in the blog world you ask?

On October 19, 2011 I wrote a post about my friend Mike who is a chef and artist.  He cooks at one of my favorite restaurants and the restaurant had an employee art show.  This is one of Mike's paintings:  

I commented on how much I liked the flower shapes and he showed me how he drew them.  I used them in a few of my tiles and posted them that night and promised that "directions were coming soon".  I don't think "soon" is almost 2 years in anyones mind, so see, I'm a blibber.

So ladies and gentlemen, I have finally gotten off my butt and I present you with the step out for Bault, a great little tangle named for my friend Mike.  You can download a PDF here.

At first glance Bault may look like just another flower.  The two things that make it unique however, are the shape of the petals and the ability to fill it so many ways.

The key to the petals is two draw one side inward and one side outward like I have illustrated:  

 Then you just start layering until you feel you have completed your piece.  In the directions for the step out I have filled with straight lines because that's how Mike did it and this is his work.  I decided to add a few tangleations at the bottom just to show how versatile this tangle could be.  As I was completing the one on the right I was having some weird deja vu.  I thought maybe I was subliminally copying someone else's tangle but I couldn't find anything in my notes.  I looked at my computer to check something on my blog and saw my blog header staring me in the face.  

Anything look familiar here?

I posted tiles with this tangle 20 months before I purchased this blog template so I know it's not where I drew my inspiration from. I just think it's funny how we fall in love with things without realizing we have been looking at them all along.

I hope you enjoy the tangle and I promise not 
to keep you waiting for 2 years in the future!


  1. hahahahaha! your blog header being so similar just shows you know a good thing when you see it :)

  2. Blibber!!! I like that new term! l also like your new tangle, and I thank you for the step-outs and the story. You know, that's another thing that makes Zentangle special...all the stories behind the tangles. :-)

  3. Love it - Thanks for posting it so quickly - lol. I know there are more where that one came from so don't make us wait..... Well, considering you are so busy, we will all be happy to wait a week or 2 for the next ones. Have a great semester and enjoy your patients. Take care.

  4. LOL!! I think most of us bloggers are blibbers but just aren't brave enough to own the name!

    Love Bault and really enjoyed this entry. Thanks!




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