Friday, August 16, 2013

Zendala Dare #70

The countdown has begun!  I have been trying to pretend for several days now that the inevitable isn't actually happening but today it really hit me.  I have to go back to school in 2 days!  Can you believe that?  2 days?  Where did my whole summer go?  I'll tell ya where it went.  To work.  Way too much work. Thats what I have to say about my summer.  Too much work.  Oh well, it's a means to an end right?  There will be a big payoff in a year and a half so I just need to keep my eye on the prize.

I did have one fun event this week.  I'm one of those people that is always on the lookout for something special for friends and family and when I spot something special there is no stopping me.  Last week while working at the fair I got to thinking about these baby Nigerian goats that my friend Chris and I saw there last year.  Chris has been a very special friend and I got to thinking that it might be cool if I bought her one.  Then I found out it's not a good idea to just get one, so why not two?  Lots of phone calls, research and more phone calls and she was suddenly the owner of two baby goats and didn't even know it!  I took her to lunch yesterday and then surprised her by taking her to Foggy River Farm to pick up her new "babies".  Needless to say, she loved them.  How could she not?

Lunch with my girls!

Could my niece be any more adorable!

The brown one is a Nigerian dwarf goat and
the black one is a Nubian dwarf.

Just chillin.  

Its hard to tell from the picture but they are only about 18 inches tall and 20 pounds.  They are really cute.  When the female has kids they will be the size of guinea pigs.  I can't wait!  The little brown one looks like a deer so her name is Bambi and the little boy has floppy ears so his name is Thumper.  At least those were their name's when I left yesterday.  That could have totally changed by now!

Zendala Dare #70

Here's the template for this weeks Zendala Dare:

Tangles:  Pearlz, Zinger

I have been on a black tile kick lately.  This is actually on a round Zendala tile but the photo program makes it look square because of the framing.  I went simple but really love the end result.  I think it has so much movement.  

Tangles:  Striping, Cruffle, Pearlz

I don't like to sway peoples vision but I think when most of look at the template we will see a common theme.  I'm not going to write what I think it looks like but by the colors I chose for this tile I think you get the picture.  I did this one at work so I couldn't shade because I didn't have any pencils.  It's probably for the best because my color shading is pretty bad.  I should really try to get over that.  Let me put that on my massive to do list.

With school starting I may have a few things on my 
plate so a little flexibility and patience is 
appreciated with my Zendala Dare posts.

Have a great week!


  1. I feel similarly about my colour shading, which is why I was inspired by your comments and just had to go ahead and do it anyway.
    Your zendalas are great! You've got me stumped about what common theme there is in the template.

  2. Those dwarf goats as so darn cute!! What a great friend you are!!
    Good luck with school. I hope the time flies by for you. :)

  3. erin, you must be the best friend ever!!! i have 2 pygmy goats and they are so sweet. we've had them for close to 10 years and they are doing great. they follow us around like puppies. we gave them a fisher price wagon and a picnic table. one will sit in the wagon and the other pushes it with her head until they reach the other side of the pen. then they turn the wagon around, change positions, and the other goat rides this time. and they sleep on top of the picnic table. sometimes one will scoot under it, stand up, and walk around the table on its back. so much fun!!! you get extra awesome points this week for being excellent! :D

  4. Hi Erin, Don't know if it's a glich in my computer or yours, but I only see the two small renditions on the first page. The second page with the larger Zendala (the one I usually do) is nowhere to be seen. Do I have little gremlins in my system? I've tried downloading it twice.

    Your black and white Zendala is awesome. I love it! Good luck at work. Your co-workers will be glad to see you.

    1. Ronnie, so sorry for the glitch. The issue was on my end. I have fixed it and you should be able to get all three sizes of the template now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  5. I think I'm going to love this template! I love your black tile one! I know what the red one looks like to me, but I'll keep quiet :D

  6. Thank you for another beautiful template. Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll see whay I can make of it.
    You did a wonderful job on both, but the white on black is gorgeous.

  7. Hi Erin, first of all: your black tile is stunning! Your Line Work is amazing - may I ask which brand of white gel pen you used? I have 5 different ones at home, but not one of them seems to be enough flowing to be a good partner in tangling.
    Oooo and one more thing: Google told me that i don't have access to your file... strange?!

  8. Never mind! The template works again! :)

  9. All of your zendalas are beautiful. I love the peppermint! It is my favorite. The goats are precious. A long time ago, I "babysat" some goats for a person. That involved milking them each morning. Quite a learning experience!

  10. Erin, the white on black is just stunning! I decided to go with a monotangle on this one myself and left off all shading, just because!

  11. I like your Black Zendala. It challenged me to try mine as I had not used any of the black zendala tiles yet. I have the same experience as Zasa in that I am usually disappointed in the results with the white pen. I did not include on the post, but I used a Uniball Signo on this one. Good luck with school this year.

  12. Thank you so much, as usual. That was fun.

  13. This is my first entry for your dare. I had a lot of fun doing it and will likely do another.



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