Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zendala Dare #69

This week has been full of lots of fun activities.  Last weekend I took the nieces and nephew to the fair.  We rode some rides, had a corn dog, bought some kettle corn, fed a few butterflies and went to the destruction derby.  The kids were well behaved (thank God!) and I think everyone had a great time.

My brother's girlfriend always competes in the garden
competitions at the fair.  This year she took 1st place again!

Auntie Erin and Bailey

Loving the ferris wheel!

He looks like he's in pain but it's
just the sun in his eyes.

Mom and Avery on the
merry go round swan

Canoe trip anyone?

Yesterday I took the hubby to a San Francisco Giant's game.  He's a huge fan so I bought him tickets for his birthday.  Luckily they won or that would have been an unpleasant ride home.

AT & T Park

The hubby is always happy when the SF Giants are playing!

Zendala Dare #69

Here's this week's template:

Link to Zendala Dare #69 template

Tangles:  Shattuck, Mung, Striping

I love this template and I like how this version turned out but I'm going to need to reattempt it in a new light.  I think it has so much more potential than what I have garnered from it here.  The one part I am very pleased with is my new tangle Mung that I used on the outside sections.  It's so much fun and so easy to do.  I hope to have directions up in the next week.  


  1. Your photos are so vibrant and beautiful, I just want to be a part of those gorgeous days! Thanks for the template, it spoke to me!

  2. This was so much fun, Erin..You are truly gifted!!!

  3. Your zendala is beautiful! Your photos are also gorgeous. Looks like fun.

  4. This was my first attempt at a zendala challenge. I discovered, I tend to want to draw very small. My lines are still a little shaky but I'm always improving and that is what is important. I can't wait to try the next one.

  5. Very pretty Zendala! I liked this template. It was a lot of fun to work with.

  6. Looks like you had a great time on all your outings. Really enjoyed this template.

  7. Thank You very interesting and beautiful template. I admire You own zendala, it is so beautiful and You have fine tangles. Black color is just great!

  8. Thank you, Erin, for your dedication to this creative venture!

  9. I had so much fun with this dare Erin. Thank you.

  10. Hi Erin!
    Just wanted to let you know I had a blast with this template. It was so fun to do, and it was just what I needed this week. Thanks so much.
    I really look forward to the dares each week, even when I'm late in getting to them. (I have some catching up to do, and--fingers crossed- some time to do them this week.)



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