Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zendala Dare #66

Last week had the potential to be a bad one.  I scheduled myself for 5, yes 5, 24 hour shifts in 1 week.  The week started off with 8 calls in the first shift and I thought I was headed for trouble.  Day 2 brought me 2 calls and Day 3 was a dream.  Not only was I working with one of my best friends, but we didn't have a single call.  A single call!  That is almost unheard of.  I took 2 days off and then returned for another 48 hours and in that time only ran 2 more calls.  A week like that is a dream for a paramedic.  I know that many of colleagues would claim to be bored, but I have Zentangle, which is almost always more fun than running a 911 call!  

And that brings us today.  I have already worked a few slow shifts this week so I thought I was guaranteed an action packed Friday but luckily no luck.  So far today we have washed the ambulance, been to the bank and post office, had an uninterrupted lunch, taken a safety nap, and are you ready for this....I have completed 3 Zendala's.  I'm sure you are dying to see them so how about we get to the Dare?

Zendala Dare #66

I'm really excited about this weeks template.  You may remember that about 6 weeks ago I had a giveaway for a set of Mandala Stencils from Geneviève Crabe.  Well, this week I received an email from the winner, Mariet, with a picture of her first handmade mandala template.  It's a beaut and I asked if I could use it for this week's Zendala Dare.  Luckily, she happily agreed.   

As I was getting ready to leave for work last night I noticed a basket tucked onto the shelf below the coffee table.  It was full of random Zentangle supplies that I guess I had forgotten about.  In the basket was a bunch of loose pens that I must have bought a while ago and never got around to trying.  I tossed them in my bag "just in case".  Half of the crap I carry everyday is in there "just in case".  When I was presented with an abundance of extra time today, I decided to give the random pen selection a go.  Here's the results.

Tangles:  Metrik, Avreal, Bateek

I decided to start with the Pentel Sunburst gel pens.  It doesn't show up in the picture but these pens are very glittery.  They move very smoothly and lay down just enough ink.  They also dry quickly so I didn't encounter any smudging.  I shaded with Derwent Coloursoft pencils.  I loved the pens so much that I ordered all the colors as soon as I finished the Zendala!  I love the way this Zendala turned out.

Tangles:  Pais, Flux, Laced

This is my favorite of the three.  I am big fan of LeeAnn's work at LeeAnn's Zentangle-ing Fun.  LeeAnn is a regular participant of the Zendala Dare and I am always amazed how the template sort of "disappears" in her work.  I have a tendency to follow the exact lines of the template but have been working towards being more organic.  I think I am getting there with this Zendala.  I used a Uni-ball Signo white pen and shaded with General's charcoal in white on one of the new official Zendala tiles in black.  Love the charcoal, love the tile, hated the pen.  

Tangles: Auraknot, Footlites, Festune

For my third attempt I used a Y & C Gel Xtreme pen in gold on an official black Zendala tile.  The camera did not pick up the amazing glitteriness (yes, I just used that word) of this pen.  The pen produces a very fine line that tends to diminish the faster you work but it was an advantage with this tile since I was doing a lot of line work.  I didn't shade this one.  

On a side note, many people have written to me to ask how I shade the edges of my white Zendala tiles to produce so much dimension.  The answer is that I don't.  I get that effect using the Vignette setting in iPhoto.  Since the pictures are square and the tile is round I use that setting to put a faux "frame" around my tile which produces a little edge blur, hence the faux shading.  Other than that, I do not enhance any of my pictures. 

Remember to link up and share your work.  I'm sure our 
guest template artist Mariet would love to see how 
you use her creation!

Have a great week.


  1. You seem to have had a good week, Erin (and so do potential 'clients'). Your zendalas are all great and the template is beautiful.

  2. Your zendalas this week are totally spectacular. I didn't even participate last week, but you can bet I will this week. Also kudos to Mariet. for such a beautiful template.

  3. Usually do not get mine done this early. Liked the template for this week. Glad your week was less hectic.

  4. Erin, was the white pen you used the UM-153? If so, I'm curious what you didn't like about it. That's the white pen I use and love it. It performs so much better than any other white pen that I know of.

  5. I love all three of your zendalas. I was inspired by your first one that you colored, so I tried that on mine this time.

  6. Erin, such great designs and line detail! I especially love the soft colors of the first one!

  7. Thank you Mariet for the Zendala. I have not done this week's dare yet. I usually don't check those posted until I have finished mine, but this week treated myself over a cup of coffee to the amazing talent posted. Love your work and interpretation Erin. Like you I am constantly inspired by the work of ledenzer

  8. I love the Zendala's you made with the template!
    All three of them, but the colored one is my favorite.
    It's so nice to read all the positive reactions on the template, and to see how all our friends work with it.
    Thanks Erin :)))

  9. Erin, thanks for the info about the iPhoto frames app. I really appreciate it. Now I can stop trying to make my zendalas curve that nicely all by myself LOL!

  10. Oh how happy I am to have stumbled upon this blog. The template for both dare 65 and 66 have me thinking I should just go buy a journal for the dares alone because I'm what, a year late? And I want to do each and every last one of them. I did do one for #66

    I think the three you have created are lovely, I especially love the second one. It's so organic.

    Thanks for the template.

  11. Such a gorgeous template! Love what you did with it. Only just submitted my link, running a bit behind this week!

  12. Erin, my week has been crazy and I haven't been keeping up with comments etc., I cannot let this week pass without saying your zendalas are amazing and I am humbled by your kind comments!

  13. Wow. THis one challenged me for some reason. Finished it Saturday evening, of the next week. Already time to download a new one. Thanks for that!

  14. Erin, I'm so sorry. I entered twice. I forgot I had already entered. Could you "un-enter" my second one when and if you have time.
    I love all your templates. Thanks so much for all the time you put into this. It's much appreciated.

  15. First try using a template. Also first shared one. I'm pleased with it.



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