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Zendala Dare #57 and a giveaway!

Wow!  That's all I can think to say about last weeks dare, wow!  I should have bought stock in Sakura before last weeks dare seeing as most of you are now 100% convinced that Micron's are the only way to go.  Last weeks challenge garnered the strongest reaction yet to an added challenge.  Most weeks if people aren't happy with the template or challenge they just politiely say things like "not my favorite" or "I may learn to like it" but this week I saw words like "hate", "couldn't stand it" and "will definitely not try this again".  I LOVE IT!  It means that you guys truly felt challenged and whether good or bad, really learned something about yourself as an artist.  My personal take, I will never do another one of them.  I was not a fan and felt like I was being short changed with every stroke.  I'm glad I did it but life is too short to take time to do something I dislike that much.  Thanks for being good sports about it.  

This week I managed to fit in the Diva Challenge.  This week's challenge was to use the new official Zentangle pattern Schway.  Now I'll be honest, when I read Laura's post and saw that she said it was a bit of a challenge to get control of this tangle I thought "That's an easy one, what's the issue".  I should learn to tangle before I speak.  This one is a bit of a pain in the butt but only takes a few tries before you get the hang of it.  I really enjoyed how these tiles turned out.  Thanks for another great challenge Laura!

Tangle: Schway, Phicops, Zuan Shi

Tangle: Schway

Zendala Dare #57

This is an unbelievably exciting Zendala Dare for me!  By the time you read this post I will have probably hit 200,000 page views and I wanted to do something big to celebrate.  So this week I have a guest post by one of my favorite artists and mandala creators, Geneviève Crabe.  


Hi everyone! My name is Geneviève Crabe and I'll be your guest poster for this week's Zendala Dare.

I love drawing mandalas, and especially combining them with Zentangle. I have also started to combine this with my love of embroidery and making stitched and beaded mandalas. Stay tuned!

Some of you are using my Mandala Stencils to create Zendalas, and I have had a request for another video to show how they work:

The Zendala Dare template for this week is one of the ones I created in the video.

Here is Geneviève's amazing interpretation of the template:

I love that Geneviève chose a beautiful Tiffany blue for her design and the negative space makes this Zendala feel very delicate.

And here's what I chose to do:

Tangles:  Allium, Tipple, Hypnotic

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I was so excited when Geneviève agreed to guest post this week.  I contacted her a while back and asked her if she would consider doing a post and giveaway and she generously agreed.  She also sent an extra set of stencils for me to play with.  I was almost instantly in love.

I'm going to give it to you straight regarding these stencils.  It takes one or two to get into the swing of things but once you do, the possibilities are literally endless.  My biggest concern when I got them is that it would take me forever to mark all the points on the stencil but in actuality each one only takes about two minutes.  

I like to transfer the stencil, create the mandala, then transfer it using the graphite transfer technique listed on my Tutorial page.  After that I carefully trace over it with a Micron and then scan it to my computer.  Now I have a way to print endless copies and sizes.  

Here are two of my most recent Zendala's that I created using Geneviève's mandala stencils:

Tangles: Pystyl, Paradox, Courant

Tangles:  Paradox, Zinger, Squiggles, Sidewalk,

To enter the giveaway for a full set of Mandala Stencil's by Geneviève Crabe, simply go to her Tangle Harmony blog, read around a bit and then enter the title of a blog post you enjoyed into the Rafflecopter link below.  I'll give you a little tip, her Weekly Zentangle Roundups are an amazing source of inspiration so check out a few of those.  I entry per person please.  I will announce the winner on May 18.

I hope everyone has a productive and creative week!  I look
forward to seeing lots of amazing Zendala's!


  1. Geneviève did indeed a great job creating this template. And you did make a breautiful, beuatiful zendala out of it!

    And oh, using my pens again (sigh)

  2. I'm looking forward to getting a set of these stencils (even if I don't win one).

  3. A few months back I won a set of these amazing stencils - convinced I would not beable to figure them out. Not so. They are so simple and fun. I won't enter, even though I love giveaways, because I want someone else to enjoy them too.

  4. I really love the earth tangles on Challenge week #115!

  5. I love receiving the weekly roundup in my inbox! So full of information.
    I appreciate the chance to win these fabulous stencils! I can't get rafflecopter to let me type anything and I've tried to edit it and it won't let me. Hope I am still entered! I just ordered some embossing paste and would love to try it with these gorgeous stencils!
    If you have any rafflecopter hints I'd love to know so I can add text to my entry!
    Thanks so much for all you do.
    Sue Brailey

  6. It's a comfort to know that I was not the only one to be disconcerted by the pencil dare, which I gave up as a lost cause because it was making me bad-tempered! This week's is going to be therapeutic (i.e. fun to do) and what shining role models there are to spurn us on. Your own creations using stencils are gorgeous, Erin.

  7. Thanks for another great challenge. It was the perfect mandala to use for an idea I have had for a long time.You can see it in #3 on your list.

  8. I love getting Genieve's updates, she always has a ton of info in them. I don't see where I am supposed to enter anything on Rafflecopter though, so I thought I would leave a comment... I remember her post about the tortillion and how to get it to point again, it's helped a lot!

  9. Big bonus - I hadn't taken a close look at Genieve's blog, but now I'm hooked! It's fabulous. I also had trouble with the rafflecopter not letting me type anything. This is the first time I've tried using it, so as Susan said, if anyone has any hints on how to work it, please let us know! I love this template, and both of the above tiles!

  10. Hi Erin, I, too, had difficulty typing anything into the rafflecopter. I hope this doesn't ruin my chances for the prize. : ).

    I've decided to add Genieve's blog to my email list. It looks like she has some very interesting things happening. I loved her Zendala.

  11. Thanks for the challenge. I enjoy doing them. It's a great way to relax and take the opportunity to test colors and materials! =)

  12. Interesting post and dare. Genevieve has created some wonderful templates, and I think I'll try the stencils, too.

    Your schway tiles are very cool, and you've done some beautiful zendalas. My absolute favorite is the one with pystyl, paradox, and courant--gorgeous!

    And thank goodness for no more pencil dares!

  13. Two entries from me, the Chrissie - just for fun shouldn't have been my name for this one!!! Whoops. I entered the same zendala with just Chrissie - that's better!! Please delete Erin if you can. Sometimes technology is just too quick!! Great Zendala this week Erin and Genevieve and I still love my pencil.

  14. Just to be the one that's different, I REALLY ENJOYED the pencil challenge!

  15. Your entry for Cahllenge 117 is great Erin!

  16. I'm still working on visiting all of this week's entries, but already it's interesting to me how so many people really softened the design with curved lines. I'm a big fan of contrast so I usually like to add curves where angles are present but, I'm also a huge fan of geometric designs so all of the sharp angles are comforting to me as well. Great challenge all in all! Thanks!

  17. I did get a set of Geneviève Crabe's stencils but haven't even used them yet as you, Erin, keep me busy each week with your wonderful dares. You did a great job with Schway. Mine looks like someone sat on the whole thing!

  18. Erin, I love both the Zendalas you did using the stencils but absolutely love the one on black! It looks like a heirloom doily! I bet you can come up with endless variations using those stencils!!! Have a great week and save time to tangle!

  19. Sorry about that first link....please feel free to delete it, I do not know why the copy paste did not work but I am sorry. Fun dare, and congratulations on your site seeing so much activity. I love coming!

  20. Had fun with this Dare, thanks Erin and Genevieve, what a team! P.S I didn't realise until this week's Dare came through that I hadn't even started on the previous week's ones! lol, I guess it puts me in with the group of not likers haha :)

  21. I'm loving the white on black zendala. Beautiful!

  22. My first attempt at zendala!

  23. Wow! Wow! I'm having a great time looking at all the Zendalas. Beautiful job, everyone!

  24. Erin, All the Zendalas you posted are beautiful! I was so excited to see that you chose Genevieve Crabe to be the guest poster for this week's challenge. The first Zendalas I ever did were from her templates, and I loved doing them. I always go to her site to check out the Weekly Zentangle Roundup too. Thanks to both of you for another great challenge.

  25. Though this one took some time, I enjoyed doing this Dare. Was a great stencil and if I do not win the stencil set, I may just have to get a set myself for my next class, which is on zendalas. Keep them coming Erin. Will try to keep up.

    1. Do have one other question. Even though I have entered the giveaway, when ever I am on the site it does not indicate that I submitted an entry. It did when I first entered.



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