Friday, May 3, 2013

Zendala Dare #56 - As basic as it gets

What a wonderful crazy week!  As you might already know, I actually managed to have some time off this week.  If your wondering what I did with it you can read all about it here.  I also decided to clean up my work desk and found a whole pile of tiles that I hadn't photographed or posted yet so I figured I should remedy that.  

I finally managed to post my entry for Zendala Dare #48.  Check it out here if you like.  I also posted my piece for Zendala Dare #55.  It can be viewed here if you are so inclined.

I also found a whole bunch of Diva Challenge tiles that I had not posted yet.  

Diva Challenge #109 - Romancy

This challenge involved using a new technique that Rick and Maria had been playing with.  I love how these tiles turned out.  

Tangles:  Kwiet, Flux, Printemps

Tangles:  Brix, Jetties, Veinz

Diva Challenge #111 - Mooka Madness

Tangle: Mooka

Tangle:  Mooka

Diva Challenge #112 - Tuxedo

Tangles:  Tuxedo, Zinger

Diva Challenge #115 - Earth Day or Amanda Day

Tangles: Sez, Worms, Wone, Knightbridge

Tangle: Hircs

Diva Challenge #116 - Blind Sighted

Tangles:  Flutter Pie, Yoga, Sedgeling

Ok, all caught up.  I feel so much better now.  Let's move on to the main attraction.

Zendala Dare #56

So here we are again at the beginning of the month.  As you are well aware by now the first Zendala Dare of each month comes with a little added challenge.

This weeks challenge is a real challenge, at least for me.   One of the awesome things about Zentangle is that it requires very few materials and is very portable.  It got me to thinking though, "What if you were missing even one of the basics?" and then guess what, I suddenly was.  I had packed up all my Zentangle supplies to work on my samples at school and left all my pens at home.  I happened to have a pencil and decided it would have to do.  So this weeks challenge is to use only PENCIL when creating your Zendala.

Tangles:  Knightbridge, Shattuck, DL Sunray,
Organza, Spawn
Now I'm not gonna lie, it took a while for me to embrace this challenge.  Then I noticed it has a built in bonus, instant shading.  I think that for the most part, I don't shade enough.  I try to be more and more agressive with my shading but I never seem to achieve the level I'm hoping for.  This challenge made for some good and not good shading but at least it was something different.

I hope everyone has an amazing week and manages to fit
in plenty of tangling!


  1. You're quite early this week (it's 11:28 AM in Holland at this moment) with the Dare.
    Could be fun, just a pencil.
    Thank you for another Dare.

  2. Brilliant idea, I like it. You are early this week Erin, you must have been burning the midnight oil. It is mid-day in the UK and I have finished it already. Waiting to post it when it syncs to the computer! Yawn..

    1. Just as well I was doing other things as three hours after taking the photo, iPhoto and photo stream sprung into action. Oh the joys of technology.

  3. This Dare brought back memories as my early experiences with tangles were using a pencil. As fun as it was, I WANT MY MICRON BACK!!! It made me appreciate the tools that I now have. Great Dare, Erin.

  4. Thank you so much Erin for the Dare's..:) Love all your work here..:)

  5. You have no idea how much I wished that I had a skinny eraser! You are right, Erin, give us some mud and a stick and we will make "art."

  6. Your challenge's are great Erin. The 'blind' string is very beautiful.

  7. I didn't realize how hard it is to tangle in pencil. I missed the bold black and white, and found the shading to be very hard to do without smearing the lines. Great challenge, and it made me really love my Micron pens all the more!

  8. OH Smudge! This was indeed a challenge! I'm afraid 'smudge' should be the name for my Zentangle this week! WOW - did I ever miss my Micron!!! ...Still, couldn't pass up the dare so I posted and linked! ( #26)

    Have a great week ahead y'all!!!
    Debbie aka: DayLee Doodler!

  9. You've posted some beautiful work, Erin. I love your romancy, esp.the first one. The mooka "frame" is gorgeous, too. It's fun to see so much work at once.

    The zendala dare was really challenging! Who knew it would be so different to work in pencil?! The effect is so different. I would definitely change my tangle choices if I had to work in pencil again. Thanks for a great challenge!

  10. I really enjoyed this one. It came easy. :)

  11. Did the template, didn't do the pencil only. These are gifts and I want the permanency. But I did smudge the heck out of it :-)

  12. I have to tell you Erin, that I hardly use color at all for any of my peices so when I started this, I just couldn't help myself, it had to be in color, so I only used colored pencils. I can honestly say that using pencils is not my favorite thing to do, you have to keep them sharpend, they don't flow nicely and they don't give the nice crisp lines.

  13. P.S. I'm sorry for cheating, but I had to go with the flow.



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