Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zendala Dare #52 - Holy Hollibaugh!

Hi everybody!  Thanks for stopping by for another edition of the Zendala Dare!  I think it's time for a little confession.  I hate circles.  I mean really hate them.  I know, I know.  How does a girl who runs a mandala challenge every week have such a general hate for a geometrical entity that never did anything to her?

Here's the thing.  Most mandalas are created in a circular pattern.  The big picture doesn't bother me.  It's all those pesky little circles that end up in the design that really get my goat.  Circles are not easy.  Their inherant perfectness makes them prime meat for a bully on the mandala playground.  They are not easy to transfer from the template, they are not easy trace with a micron, and in my opinion, they do not lend themselves to a lot of tangles.  Besides that, circles are to templates what hoochie mama's are to men.  They may look nice at first glance but do you really want to develop a relationship with them?  For me the answer is no (to both circles and hoochie mama's!).  To top it all off, I think circular shapes are the most difficult to incorporate into a Zendala.  When I'm finished, they always look like something that was an afterthought, not something that flows beautifully into the other shapes and tangles of the Zendala.  

Lately I have been incorporating many abstract shapes into my Zendala templates.  I overlap the usual suspects; ovals, squares, and circles and them remove many of the lines to create a new shape that has some beautiful curves but none of the pesky perfectness that seems to bother me so much. 

So why am I rambling on about this?  Well, lets get to the Zendala Dare and maybe it will make a little more sense.

Zendala Dare #52

I have plenty of templates.  Sure I could have picked one without circles but where is the challenge in that.  This being the first Saturday of the month, a little extra challenge is in order.  First lets take a look at the template:

Yep, there they are staring us dead in the eye.  Circles, all perfect and uppity.  They think their so cool.  

I decided I needed a way to break them up a little.  Throw a little chaos into their perfectly calculated world and I thought Hollibaugh was a perfect way to do it.  The extra challenge this week is to use Hollibaugh directly over the template.  Not as a tangle but as a string.  Placing a big ribbon (or two or three!) of Hollibaugh right across the template will break up some of those circles and give you more options for tangles.  Hollibaugh is an official Zentangle pattern that most people are familiar with.  If you haven't tried it before you can find a step out here.  Here's how my Zendala turned  out.

Tangles:  Striping, Tipple, Hollibaugh, Festune, Knightsbridge,
Printemps, Courant, Chillon

I'm pretty happy with this one, even if there are some circles.  I especially like the stark white of the vertical ribbon.  It adds some nice contrast.   And yes, I did add in Hollibaugh as a tangle, which is fine, just remember the point of this challenge is to use Hollibaugh as a string.

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I hope you all have a wonderful week and please check back
next week for a big surprise!


  1. This is a pleasant surprise. I normally have the new Dare on Sunday morning (here in the Netherlands) but now it's already there (Saterday afternoon 1.15 pm).
    I like the extra you added this week and it went great in your zendala. I think I can still see some Easter eggs :-)
    Thanks Erin, for another template!

  2. I also was nice surprised that i found the template now.(also live in the Netherlands) and I like the cirkels very much.

  3. Thanks for this one, Erin! I loved it - I didn't quite follow ALL the instructions, but I got half way there (and then got carried away... :D). Have a great week!

  4. Erin, how can you not like the sun, jewelry rings and soap bubbles...? just a few examples of circles. Then there are sunflowers and all your zendala outlines. The circle is a symbol of perfection,too.
    Well, my fist attempt was anything but perfection. Now I've looked at the others' work, I see that they've solved the task in various ways, so I'm going to spend some time trying to find yet another one.

  5. Thanks for the Dare. I did it through my rose colored glasses, as my "string" didn't match your string... But isn't that the beauty of it all.

  6. I think circles are great - but I agree they can be rather difficult to work with. I just posted my dare and I definitely went overboard. The template disappeared! I hope you are having a great week and school is going wonderfully.

  7. Wow, Erin, this one was a stretch for me. It took me awhile to come up with something using both the Hollibough and the circles. Very interesting. Thanks!

  8. Hi Erin - thanks again for another wonderful dare that takes me where I've never been before! First, great template and added dare! Second, I really like your tile and the swath of hollibaugh you've made through it. Third, I like your new blog look - very spring-like and we can all use a bit of lightness and new growth now; BUT, the one thing I've noticed is that on your old blog page, when I clicked on someone's name it changed color so that I knew where I had left off because I can't always view all the new entries at one sitting. Now, even when I've viewed someone's entry, their name stays the same color as those I haven't yet seen. Does this make sense? Not a big deal, but it may mean that I miss viewing entries, and that is a shame....

  9. Thanks for continuing to stretch our artistic creativity. Love your templates.

  10. Thanks all for all the inspiration :)

  11. After I posted my tile, I realized that the extra challenge was to use Hollibaugh as a string. OOps! I enjoyed the challenge in spite of being "reading challenged."

  12. I just discovered these and am way behind the rest of you, but having fun. Just need to read directions first!



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