Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hi everybody!  This week, I was lucky enough to get a new computer.  I was unlucky in the fact that it wont open all my files so I am waiting on a few things before I can post the Zendala Dare.  I appreciate your patience and hope to have it up by noon tomorrow (Sunday)!


  1. Bless your heart! Computer issues are so very frustrating. I'm sure your dare will be worth the wait. Relax, have an adult beverage, and put your feet up.
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. The German advice on this is (translated) "Drink tea and wait". I tend to go for the saying "These things are sent to try us"! I'm not sure Traci's "alcoholic beverages" are the best way forward....:-)

  3. A new coputer is always very nice! It works faster and fresh!
    And some startproblems we have to take!!!!!
    I come t visits when it is done!
    Have a good new time on the computer!
    greetz from Holland.

  4. We're not going anywhere. We appreciate your letting us know what's going on though. New computers can really try one's patience. I got a new phone yesterday and it took me all day to set it up. Love the electronics, not so much the hassle. Good luck and enjoy the new computer (after you show it who's boss!)

  5. How frustrating Erin, exciting to have a new computer but only when the initial problems are solved. One bonus for me was I got a backlog of ironing done - that's always welcome to see the bottom of the pile.



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