Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zendala Dare #42

Hello there faithful readers!  So glad to see that you have returned for a new Zendala Dare!  This week has been full of great things.  A few years back my mom started a new tradition of treating all the adults in the family to the annual Lions Club crab feed.  Our good friend Jody and her family are prominent in the Lions Club and each year they are ever present and sometimes my little brother even helps out.  It's a great time for our whole family.

Lot's of beautiful dungees!

Proud crab guys portioning out the crab!

Lions club members cooking up dinner.

My brother, mother, and our friends JB and Linda

My brother giving the camera his "evil eye."

My sister in law and I.

Clo the cow is the mascot for a local dairy.  She is present at many
community events and my brothers really like to get their picture
taken with her for some reason.
My brother and I.

My mom and her friend mugging for the camera.

My brother and my sister in law.
Then I thought, "Hey, since you don't already have enough on your plate and you have Monday off why not watch 3 of your nieces and nephews for the day?"  So I came up with some cooking and art projects and opened up Auntie Erins Day Care.

We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the shape of butterflies and dinosaurs, baked "fried" cheese that we found on Pinterest, and cut up some mixed fruit.  

Here are the kids making the baked cheese.  It was
pretty darn tasty.  
Then we decided to tackle hot chocolate spoons.  We dipped plastic spoons in melted chocolate and then decorated them with toffee bits, cinnamon, Rolo's and white chocolate chips.  After dinner I heated up milk and then we melted the chocolate spoons in the milk and made instant hot chocolate.  The kids really got a kick out of it and it tasted delicious with the homemade madeleines that we made. 

My nephew needs to really concentrate when sprinkling cinnamon!

We finished off the day by making Shrinky Dink necklaces which was a real blast from the past and the kids loved them.  Now onto something I really love......

Zendala Dare #42

Link to Zendala Dare #42 templates

This template was alot of fun and since I have been able to Zentangle during nursing school lectures I'm getting alot done.  This week I was able to get three, count em, three Zendalas finished.  

Tangles:  Striping, Flux, Diva Dance, 

Out of the three that I did this is my favorite.  I favor organic tangles and Flux is a favorite, plus I think these tangles flow nicely with the template.

Tangles:  Knightsbridge, Printemps, Vache 1, Zinger

This one came in a close second.  I think it has a good ratio of light to dark.

Tangles:  Pia, Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Amaze

This is my least favorite of the three.  I don't care for the light to dark ratio.  I tried to make it "heavier" with a lot of shading but it still lacks depth.  

Additionally, I managed to squeeze in a little time to get this week's Diva Challenge done.  Due to time constraints I haven't been able to participate for a few months but it was time that I jumped back in the game.  This week the Diva challenged us to use String 003 from Linda Farmer's website,  It was a fun challenge.  As much as I love Zendala's, sometimes it's nice to go old school.

Tangles:  Apeel, Printemps, Florz, Allium, Kwiet, Phicops,
Flux, Tink

I hope you all have an amazing week and remember to
link up below.

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  1. I love this week's Zendala. Thanks Erin. Was it a full moon? They say things get really crazy when there's a full moon. Looking forward to the rest of your post.

    1. Yes. Full moon everywhere this morning!

  2. That (full moon) explains my (creepy) interpretation of your beautiful outline. And I thought mandalas induced peace and tranquility.....

  3. This is my first DARE ever. I have enjoyed "lurking" and looking at everyone's wonderful work for some time and thought it was time to give it a try.

  4. Thank you for giving us such great templates and on top of that with all you do! Hope your week goes much smoother and don't forget to relax some.

  5. Great template. Hope things are not always as hectic for you. Having had to do emergency type work earlier in my career, understand how it can get.

  6. Loved this template. The purple one was quite quick to do, however the 2nd one had lots of colour and shading - I had a relaxing afternoon - wet weather, perfect for tangling.
    Thank you Erin for once again orgainising these Dares around your busy schedule.

    Have a great week everyone :)

  7. Thank you very much for the Dala, Erin! i really loved that template!

  8. I love all your zendalas, but especially the first. Your Challenge tile is wonderful! I really like the openness of it.

    This was a really great template, too. I think they just get better and better! Thanks so much, Erin.

  9. Thanks for the fantastic challenge. I had way too much fun with this one!

    You're impressive that even during your crazy schedule, school, and running Dares for us, you put together the best day for your nieces and nephews. Can I come play with you all next time? What fun!

  10. I love your zendala's and my fav is the second one with Zinger. Your challenge is stunning!!!!
    Thanks for another great template and also for sharing your story of the day with the children.

  11. Wow, I love to read your blog. What a great Zendalas you made. The first one is my favorite one. The ZT on string #3 is verrrry beautiful. So simple and so nice tangled!

  12. So glad you had fun with the kiddos and the crab looks wonderful! Thanks for the dare!

  13. I am loving your awesome string 3 tile....and the Zendalas are great. One of these days will have to jump into your Dare!

  14. Erin all of your tiles are outstanding! Really love the tangling you have produced this week! I hate to say I am jealous of you this week because the beauty of your tiles and because of the crab! Yum! how I love crab!

  15. I think your Zendalas are great and your tile for the Diva Challenge reminds me of an Oriental Screen.

  16. Beautiful tiles, Erin! Love what you did for the Diva Challenge too, very unique! Thanks for all the work you put into these challanges.

  17. I love your Diva challenge tile. It's so airy and flowing.

  18. love your diva challenge entry! simple and elegant!

  19. Good Lord, you are the best aunt ever. What fun! Your weekly challenge tile is so fun... I've been on a printemps kick lately and it always makes me happy to see it!

  20. Love your use of Tink as the string - brilliant! And such a beautiful display of tangles around it!

  21. Wow!! You've been a busy one this week! I really love the first zendala, so pretty, but they're all great! And I love your string challenge piece, too! Thanks for another great template Erin!!

  22. Hi! I'm posting this on 2/10. I just did it last night after I did #44. Go figure, right? I just try to squeeze in some time whenever I can, or will allow myself to...

  23. This is another template I printed online, before I knew about this blog. I completed this one about a month ago. It is one of my favorites so far.



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