Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zendala Dare #40

All right people.  We are officially in countdown mode.  Less than 48 hours from now I will be starting my 2 year journey in nursing school.  Since I will have very little free time over the next 5 weeks I have worked my butt off on the ambulance this week so the hubby and I won't have to resort to Top Ramen once school starts.  I bought books and uniforms, researched new stethoscopes, and overhauled my work schedule.  I managed to attend my 4 year old nephew's birthday party (I'm positive he's 4, he told me about 10 times!) and oh yeah, got a new Zendala Dare ready. This may be the last Zendala Dare that get's published on time for the next two years so enjoy it while you can!

Zendala Dare #40

I know that I have commented in the past that sometimes I struggle with which templates to pick.  I look at size, ease, difficulty, and the likelihood of whether or not they will lend themselves to tangles.  Sometimes I throw it all to the wind and just pick them because I think they are cool.  No such luck this week.  Here's the template and an explanation will follow.  

You may have noticed that alot of my templates have layered shapes.  That is to say that if you took six circles of paper and layered them on a table you would not be able to see the full area of each circle.  I think this an interesting look and it lends itself well to Zendala templates.  This template is more of a line drawing so the shapes are layered but not opaque.  This really bugs me.  I don't know why but it just does.  The best way I can think to describe it is to say that the template looks "hollow" to me.  It has no depth.  I'm also not a big fan of the triangles that keep appearing in it and the star in the middle looks out of place and offset in comparison to the rest of the piece.  I'm just not a fan even though I'm the one that created it!

Here's the finished Zendala:

Tangles:  Mosaic, Meer, Paradox

At this point you are probably wondering why I went on and on about the crappy template I'm giving you this week.  It's because I want you to strive for more than I did this week. I disliked this template from the start and made sure I talked myself out of a positive creative process rather than embrace something I was uncomfortable with and turn it into something great.   Sure, the finished tile isn't horrible but it is by no means inspired.  It's pretty basic and I didn't give it the effort it deserved.  Why?  Because I talked myself out of being creative before I even got started.  I took about 50 one look at that template and decided I wasn't going to work hard at filling it.  I shot myself in the proverbial tangling foot before I even printed the template out and that type of thinking is a waste of time and has no place in art.  So this week, when you are trying to figure out what to do with the template, think great big plans and make them come to fruition.   This week presented me with an unpleasant lesson but a well needed wake up call.  Maybe a second attempt is in order.   We'll see.  

Have an amazing week and don't kill me if 
the Dare is a little late next week!



  1. I think I see what you mean about this template. But, don't be so hard on yourself, It's hard to make all winners all the time. Let's wait and see what tanglers are going to make of it.
    Your zendala is very pretty. Her it is: less is more, don't you think?
    Good look with the start of nursing school!!!

  2. Erin, I wish you great success with your new adventure - studying is mind-blowing even when you have no family responsibilities, so I think we all need to stand behind you and put our energy in, too. We can do that through our zendalas!
    I chuckled my way through the trials and tribulations you seem to have had with this outline - which turned out beautiful, by the way. Since I have all these quandries with every zendala I attempt, I'm just getting in line with this

  3. Hi Erin!
    First, Congratulations on finally starting Nursing School! What an accomplishment to be starting... with that goal in sight, I have no doubt you will make it.
    Second, thank you for your time, talent, and personal insights you have given weekly to keep this dare going. I love it, as a relatively new (6 months) tangler. I have as yet to figure out how to scan my works but I do give them a go every week.
    Third, if you are worried about The Dare, then ask for input on Guest Templates, and store them away to use as needed! The Diva, Laura Harm, has had guest Challenges over the years, due to time and energy constraints. After all great times you have given, I feel that there is LOTS of talented people out there that would just LOVE to add their templates to your Blog --- I bet either The Diva or Maria Thomas would just be all over that to be The Next Great Guest Zendala Challenger!!! Try it.

  4. Erin,

    Best wishes to you on your new venture into nursing school! I'm sure it'll be crazy and stressful, but I'm hoping you'll still love every minute of it. Don't forget to tangle when you're at wit's end. :-)

    I think Stephanie has a great suggestion to help out when the dares are overwhelming. I'd be happy to contribute a sample template sometime and/or some other challenge. I'm sure many people would love to help out! Like Laura has on her Diva page, you could create a UMZ (Use My Zendala) instead of UMT (Use My Tangle). Once a month, you could pull a template from your stockpile from fellow tanglers. It would take some of the pressure off.

    I thought this template was fun to work with, and your end result looks great! We all have those days--especially when facing a big new adventure. It can be challenging not to be hard on ourselves.

    Good luck with school! Thank you for everything, and don't let this be something that adds to your stress. :-)

  5. I also had problems with this template. But as you can see I solved it in a different way and had fun doing it. Thank you for all your efforts to keep us challenged.

    I have a friend who went to nusing school after taking one degree and working at different ho-hum jobs for several years. She is very happy with the change and loves her work in a hospital. Good luck to you in your new endeavour.

  6. Dear Erin I look forward to sunday to get your template. Don't worry what you think of it, its what we do with it that matters. Maybe the less "artistic" it is, the more creative we have to be!! So thats a good thing. What I see is that you put your heart into giving us these designs to help challenge us on our creative journey and for that I thank you. A nurse is such a selfless position, and time spent making others feel better. Good on you, you will make a fabulous nurse because thats you all over. Enjoy the course and dont feel guilty to zip in a repeat zendala with maybe a few extra lines on it..or less! Im sure no one wil l be the wiser!

  7. Erin, not sure that you will be prepared for what you unleashed with last week's Dare. At least from my perspective. I continued a few of the "don'ts" from last week. Some may become "do's". I liked the challenge of the template. Much like last weeks Dare, makes you look at things that generally do not do. Is good to be challenged. Good Luck with school. Would echo others comments that maybe could solicit templates from others and have a Guest contributor for some of the Dares.

  8. I can't believe I have actually completed two of your Zendala Dares!! Good luck with your nursing endevers!!

  9. I really liked this weeks Dare and can't figure out why you are so down on it. Your Zendala is beautiful! You are way too hard on yourself! I think we all appreciate your weekly efforts, look forward to them and understand if you have to make a change because of your new endeavor. I think you may be worrying needlessly, as we all do when changes occur and the new endeavor is a mystery. Relax .... Don't create extra pressure or stress on yourself. We all love you and want you to enjoy what you are doing and not consider it a hassle. Wishing you the best of luck with you nursing career. Take care....

  10. Thanks Erin for the Dare. This is my first finished Zendala. Ever.
    Good luck with school and I'm tuned in for news and more dares.

  11. Thanks Erin for another great Dare - it was a bit of a challenge (I'm back to doing the 3 sizes) :)

    All the best on your new venture and wish you much success....Happy Hump Day!

  12. I am excited for you ... you will love nursing and being a nurse will change your life forever ... for the good. I am on the other end of that spectrum. I am a retired nurse, though I still keep my fingers in the pie. I wish you the best ...

    As for your dare, I thought it was wonderful, but I also thought I would never be able to finish it. My Zentangle brain hasn't made it to self discipline yet. Anyway, I am loving this ... thanks for leading me to it.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  13. I finally finished mine and posted it on Ink Fiddles. I thought it was great, but it was my first one, so what do I know? haha. I also had to draw it raw because I live on a sailboat and I don't have a printer, and I don't own a protractor of any kind....all in all I think it is a success for my first go around.

  14. Good luck with school, Erin. I just started back myself to get an advanced teaching degree after 20 years of no classes, working in industry for a while and then taking 10 years off to be home with the kiddos. It is a bit surreal to be back in the mix with homework and projects and tests and grades (not tom mention the pricey text books!) You will be great!

  15. I was a little late with my drawing, hope you dont mind. I love your challenges! I think I am the only one from Sweden participating in your challenges...
    Well, I am not satisfied with my contribution, but I thought I had to share it anyway. I made a big mistake in this, and I think you can find it. It is quite visible *haha*. The only thing I can blame on is that I have been working much too hard the latest time, and also been travelling to Norway, Oslo, in my profession, and it has been very cold here in both Sweden and Norway, today we had -25 degrees Celsius.
    Take care!



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