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Zendala Dare #20

You guy's are AMAZING!  I am always taken aback by how many people participate in the Zendala Dare every week and the beautiful artwork that everyone produces.  This week, I was especially thankful for Zentangle family because I finally got to walk in the American Cancer Societies Relay for Life and see all the people that your donations will help.

I had never participated in a Relay for Life so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.   My co-workers and I decided to participate in the event to bring awareness to what we actually do in the ambulance, which is primarily patient care and transport.  It get's old being called an "ambulance driver" all day, and we thought this would be a good way to educate the community about what we do.

We brought an ambulance to the track to do demos, we set up a bake sale and sold slushies, and walked for 24 hours.  There were probably over 500 people participating and it was great to hang out with my co-workers in a non-work setting.  When the final numbers came in we had raised over $3500!

Many of the groups that participated had some type of fundraising event going on.  We were right across from the Sonoma County Sheriff Department and they were "arresting" people and putting them in a makeshift jail for a $5 donation.  Then you had to remain in jail for five minutes unless someone would pay more money to "bail" you out.  A few of us had to do extra time because our friends and co-workers were actually paying to keep us in!  What kind of friend is that!

My niece Brenna had me arrested.  My offense: not
letting her have a slushie!

Chris got arrested for not being blond anymore.  Our
friend Bryan paid to keep her locked up an extra ten
minutes.  We enjoyed every minute of it!

Brenna had Jenn arrested for not wearing the neon
yellow shorts that she dragged me to Target to buy.

Part of our awesome team!  So honored to work with this
group of people.

Many people had told me about the luminaria ceremony that happened at night.  I admit I was having a hard time grasping what kind of impact some candles in paper bags would have.  I watched throughout the day as the luminaria committee lined up bag after bag after bag.  By the time they lit them up just after sunset, I was speechless.  There were thousands of them, both in honor of the survivors, and in memory of those who had fought but not won the battle.  I walked several laps just looking at the names, pictures, and drawings, just to remember and be thankful.  It was a very powerful experience.

I think the hardest part of the day for me was something I never saw coming.  One of my co-workers came with his 6 year old daughter in the early afternoon.  I was walking a few laps with her, checking out the fundraisers and looking at the luminaries as they were being set up.  She asked what the bags were for and I told her they were for people with cancer.  She expressed that she would like to make a bag for her friends sister.  I naively thought that she really didn't understand the concept and just wanted to color a bag.  I tried to gently explain that they were for people "who had been sick" and in a very no nonsense matter she looked up at me and said "I know what you mean, she had leukemia."  We went to the luminaria tent and decorated a bag with a ballerina, rainbows and hearts.  It was at that moment that it hit me that cancer is so prevalent that even our children are keenly aware of it.  It was an "ah ha" moment to say the least.  

So I want to thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for listening to me go on and on for the past month about the Relay for Life.  Thank you for the emotional emails you shared with me.  Thank you for all your generous donations.  Most importantly, thank you for helping me raise awareness to combat this horrible disease.  I am truly grateful.  

Please note:  I am working on sending out the last of the templates to those who donated close to the deadline and you should have them by the end of the week.  Next week I will be posting the results of my raffle for those that made the top 5 largest donations, so stay tuned!

Zendala Dare #20

I know I say this all the time but, Zendala Dare #20?  Seriously!  Where has the time gone?

This week I tried to mix it up with something a little different.  It's not a square (because people complain about those) and it's not a circle (because people complain about those too), but I'm not sure what it is.  What I can tell you is that I think it's cool enough that I actually completed two tiles this week!

Here's the template:

Tangles: Bushy, Cruffle, Spaanders, O-H, Slinky

My tendency is to border everything so I decided to compromise on this one and do a dotted border instead of a solid line.  I think it looks cool with Bushy but strange with the other tangles.  I think the combination of a dotted border and a lot of very busy tangles make for a confuse Zendala.  It's kind of cool but not my favorite.

Tangles:  Ramy, Tipple
 Since I thought my first attempt was too busy I went minimal on my second.  I think the combination of Ramy and Tipple makes for a very clean, striking Zendala.  Between the two this is definitely my favorite.  

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I hope you all have a fantastic week!



  1. I really enjoy both, I enjoy the freedom and playful nature of your first and the enhancement of the borders and simplicity of your second. Both are great. Thanks for your share, your experience was inspirational.

  2. I so needed a dare....thanks so much. Your tiles are so lovely!

  3. Thanks for this one, Erin! For the record, any of the templates you've come up with have been great - circles, squares, or otherwise :)
    Congratulations on the successful completion of the Relay for Life - sounds like it was great!

  4. This is so much fun! So glad I stumbled across your website!

  5. Lovely tiles Erin - I loved this weeks template - thanks again.... and congrats too on completing the Relay for Life :) have a nice weekend!

  6. I loved this tile! Thank you

  7. Your tiles are lovely, escpecially the second one, you managed to do what I couldn't and make it look so calm and non-busy

  8. A very interesting template! I especially love your second zendala. The simplicity of the tangles really emphasizes the unusual lines of the template. Your ramy looks like it's made of mohair--so soft and lovely.

  9. This was a great Dare Erin. You are really stretching me and I am enjoying the challenge. Thanks again.

  10. This one was a little tricky, Erin. But I liked it!

  11. love the curves on this one :)

  12. I really liked your Zendalas Erin, especially the 2 nd one. I like all of your templates. When I think I'm not going to like one I end up liking it when I'm done.

  13. Thanks for another great challenge Erin!

  14. Another great challenge Erin. Thanks

  15. This was a great challenge, i realy like the zendala challenge and i love to look to all the working outs,
    Greetings from holland.
    p.s. E few dutch people are working with the zendala challenge also.

  16. I made it a few days, ago, but I forgot to link it on your website. When I went to see what other people made out of this dare, I saw I had forgot it. I liked the dare al lot, and yes I'm from Holland too so. happy tangling to all of you

  17. I am a little late in getting these up....I hope that no one minds seeing two of them today....I will do better in the future!!

  18. Sorry for linking it up so late, but I forgot to do it yesterday. So sorry....

  19. I like this one! I like the way mine turned out, for once. I used a Pitt Pen, I think it's the new fave.

  20. This one worked out well for my copada tangleations! Thanks



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