Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cancer and Zendalas: One of these things really sucks!

I am very proud to announce that on August 18, 2012 I will be walking in the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society.  The Relay for Life is a 24 hour walking event to support cancer treatment and research.  Your team must have someone on the track at all times for 24 hours to symbolize that cancer never sleeps.  As a paramedic, I encounter cancer patients on an almost daily basis.  I do my best to be optimistic in their presence but I know that the reality is that many of them will not have a favorable outcome.  On the upside, I am the niece, friend, caregiver, and acquaintance of many people who have beat cancer and are living life to the fullest as a result.  It's because cancer has touched my life in so many ways that I decided this would be a worthy cause to donate my time, money and expertise to.  

After a lead up like that you must know what's coming!  Yes, I am in search of donations.  I am part of the Sonoma Life Support EMT's and Paramedics team of which I am also co-captain.  As co-captain, I have to show just how awesome I am in my donation collecting skills so that other's will try to beat me out and as a result, my team can collect and absurd amount of money to help fight cancer.  

I know that times are tough and money is tight but I think we have all been afflicted personally with cancer or know and love someone who has.  I am asking for flat donations to my team which can be accessed here.  Even a small donation will help so please, if you are able, contribute what you can.  

As a thank you to everyone who is able to contribute, I will email you a PDF with 5 Zendala templates.  These Zendala templates were created exclusively for this event and have not, nor will ever be released on my Zendala Dare.  The only way to get them is to make a contribution.  If you are not familiar with Zendala's (please hold on a moment, I think I just fainted!), you can check out the Zendala Dare to get acquainted.

Additionally, my top five blog based donors will be entered in a special raffle for a grand prize that has yet to be determined.  What I can guarantee you is that it will include lots of cool things from Sonoma county and a few of my personal favorites.  Trust me, you want it!  

After completing your donation, please email me at erin(at)thebrightowl(dot)com to let me know and I will send off your Zendala templates.  You may also include the name of a loved one who was afflicted with cancer and I will include their name on my event T-shirt.  

A big thank you to all my loyal readers for supporting this blog and this cause.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.



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  3. Awesome event!! I've participated in the one in my area last month. Be sure to take lots of water for the walking! :)



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