Thursday, May 10, 2012

A new tangle from the land of Peanuts

Yes, you read that correctly.  I am from the land of Peanuts, not the nut, but the comic strip.  Trust me, if I was from the the land of peanuts the nut, I would have moved to the city of cashews a long time ago.  But no, I'm talking about Peanuts, the super popular comic strip.  I live and work about 40 miles north of San Francisco in the city of Santa Rosa. Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, moved to the Santa Rosa area in 1958 and with the growing popularity of the Peanuts characters, Santa Rosa soon became known for it's famous comic artist.  Santa Rosa seems to have named everything after Charles Schulz:

Yes, he has his own airport!

It says Redwood Empire Ice Arena but everyone
around here knows that it's Snoopy's Ice Arena

The Charles M. Schulz Museum

One of the most popular attractions in Santa Rosa are the statues of the various Peanuts comic strip characters that are placed around the city.  Each year or so a character is released and organizations or businesses can purchase one of the 4 foot statues and decorate it however they like for display.  So far they have released 32 each of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and Woodstock.  People come from all over the world and follow maps provided by the city to locate each statue. (No, I am not kidding.) My favorite by far is the Charlie Brown that is displayed in front of Sonoma Outfitters, a local supplier of outdoor equipment.

Who wouldn't love a reggae Charlie Brown
complete with dreadlocks?

I guess it is no surprise then that when I was thinking of a new name for my latest tangle that some Charlie Brown inspiration would creep in.  Even though I think Charlie Brown looks pretty cool in his reggae get up he is normally seen in his trademark sweater.

So handsome

I know that the tangle below is not a direct representation of Charlie's sweater design but it was close enough for me to give Charlie Brown a namesake tangle.

Thank you Charles Schulz for the inspiration!

If you haven't already, don't forget to participate in the Zendala Dare.  A new Zendala template is presented each week for your tangling pleasure.  So much fun!


  1. I'm a newbie tangler....still only practicing and trying a new tangle a day. Thanks for the new one. Hugs lin

  2. I'm a huge Peanuts fan too. There was something about your tangle that made me smile. Thanks for the lift. This one will definitely make it into a future creation.

  3. Gotta love Snoopy and his friends! Thanks for a great tnagle!!1

  4. Great idea, Erin. I'm your neighbor in Sonoma!

  5. Great tangle. Great story. I want to come visit and find all of the statues! Maybe we could tangle together :-)

  6. Looks like fun, look forward to giving it a try.



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