Friday, April 6, 2012

Diva Challenge: Huggy Bear

This week the Diva presented us with another installment of her Use My Tangle challenge.  This weeks tangle was Huggy Bear by JJ LaBarber.  Coincidentally, the night before the challenge I had stumbled upon Huggy Bear on Pinterest and had tried it out in my Tangle-a-Day calendar.  Tangles like this are the reason you should never try a tangle just once.  When I did it  the first time, I thought it was neat but I was overzealous in making sure my dots were perfect, my lines were curved just right and was taking way too much time making sure everything lined up just right.  When I tried it again the next day, I let loose a little bit and didn't worry as much about the specifics.  I went a little crazy with the tangleations and soon I was in love with this new tangle.  The fact that I actually did 2 tiles for the challenge should be testament enough.  I almost NEVER do 2 challenge tiles.  It may have just been too much coffee, but I think it really was my new love of Huggy Bear that did it!  Thanks to JJ and the Diva for this awesome challenge!

Tangles:  Huggy Bear, Printemps, Footlites,

Tangles:  Huggy Bear, Onamato, W2, Sanibelle


  1. Great ways to vary HB. I love the second tile.

  2. I love your tangleations! Especially in the second tile. I always feel like you're going outside the box, and I wish I was more like that!!

  3. Love the tumbling paper lantern look of huggy bear in the first tile - cool

  4. I love the variations you made to HB.... the first one reminds me of Chinese lanterns, the second makes me want to go on a picnic!

  5. A like the seccond one as the best.
    it is a very harmonius and claer tile.
    But the first one also.
    greetings from holland

  6. Both your variations on Huggy Bear are fantastic, love the lantern effect on the first tile, and putting Florez in the dark spaces on the second tile was a stroke of genius!

  7. Wow, both tiles are really fabulous! My fav is the first one - love your variation of HB and the tangles you've used to go with it - I've never seen splinters before. The second one is stunning too - I love the flowers in the black between the orbs of HB!

  8. You outdid yourself!!! I loved your tumbling clever. And your second one is beautiful. I agree your use of Florz was perfect! Well done!



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