Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have Zentangle, will travel

Linda Farmer posted a very useful idea today at for storing and transporting Zentangle tiles.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to show one of the reasons I love Zentangle so much, portability.

As I have said before, I always knew I wanted to draw, I just didn't know what I wanted to draw.  I always envied people I would see in the park or Starbuck's who were sketching people or trees.  I remember thinking how freeing it must be to just take a seat somewhere and be able to create art.  When I first became a paramedic I had an ambulance partner who would spend a good portion of our down time sketching on napkins, granted he only drew naked women, but they were very good renditions of naked women!  I tried many times with his guidance to do some nature sketches in my down time but it just never clicked, plus all the trees and birds looked like, you guessed it,  naked women!  But seriously, when I found Zentangle, it was instant love.  I could suddenly draw, I could take it anywhere, and it was super ambulance friendly.

I tried a few different transport options before stumbling on a post by McCall Miller, CZT.  I promptly went out and bought one of the Case Logic hard drive cases that she recommended and it worked out perfectly.

There is an elastic loop that holds about a dozen tiles and the mesh pocket easily holds 2-3 pens, a pencil and a blending stump.  I keep one in my purse and the other in my work bag so that I am always ready to tangle.  I found mine at Office Depot but you can also find them online at  An added bonus is that the outside is rigid enough to provide a portable work surface while still protecting the contents.  I found a few diskette cases like the one's Linda recommended in my husbands desk and can now use them to keep my finished tiles clean and safe.  Now that you have options to take your tangles on the go  there's no excuse to not be tangling anywhere and everywhere!


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