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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zendala Dare #39 - ZenDon't

Historically, New Years is a time for making resolutions.  A time for looking at what happened in the previous year and thinking about all the things we will change to make the coming year a better one.  I hadn't actually thought much about resolutions this year and wasn't really planning on making any but then I read this post by Jenn at Girl Defying Gravity.  

This year Jenn has decided to make anti-resolutions.  A list of all the things she "won't" do instead of the one's she will.  It got me to thinking.  When the first of the year rolls around many of us load up our plate with a whole list of things we are going to achieve in the new year.  Diets, exercise regimens, spending more time with family and friends, saving money, blah, blah, blah.  And then around February 1st we look back and say "Oh, that was alot to put on my plate.  Oh well."

And then it hit me.  What if we took things off our plate rather than load it up?  Instead of adding a diet, how about subtracting something bad from our usual list of foods.  Instead of creating a crazy exercise plan that we can't stick too, how about subtracting excuses for not exercising.  Instead of coming up with a crazy money saving strategy, how about committing to not going to Starbucks on Mondays (maybe not monday, that's asking too much) Tuesdays and Thursdays, thereby saving a little money.  

Now I'm no fool.  I fully realize that these are actually resolutions in sheeps clothing but sometimes it takes a different perspective to get us to do what we should have been doing all along.  

While I was pondering this concept, I started to think about the Zendala Dare and how this "let's subtract rather than add" strategy might apply.  Like anything else in our life, I think some off us can get a little lazy comfortable with our art.  I know that I am guilty of sometimes using easy tangles to finish a piece so I can just be done with it.  I call them "favorite" tangles, but when I really looked at it I realized I liked some of them because they were easy and I was lazy, not because they were so fun to draw.  When I do this I am not only cheating myself out of growing as an artist, but I am not getting as much as I should from the Zentangle experience.  In the past all of the "extra" challenges have involved trying something new.  Well, today I would like to subtract the old.  Sure, it's sort of the same thing, but maybe this approach will open up a new creative path for you.  So without further ado, I introduce this weeks Zendala Dare Challenge:

Zendala Dare #39 - ZenDon't

This week when you find yourself doing something you would normally do with your Zendala, don't do it.

This week:

  • If you normally use black and white.  Don't.  Try one or more colors.
  • If you always shade heavily.  Don't.  Trying not shading at all.
  • If you always use a favorite tangle.  Don't.  Try a tangle you have never tried before.
  • If you always go to the edge of the tile.  Don't.  Try leaving a border.
  • If you always fill every space.  Don't.  This is your chance to be a minimalist.  
  • If you always procastinate and wait until the end of the week.  Don't.  Print the template right now and post it.
  • If you always look at your Zendala and then post a comment about how your "disappointed" or "just not happy" with how it came out.  Don't.  Your work is beautiful.  Give it the compliments it deserves.  
  • If you always stay inside the lines and never deviate from the template.  Don't.  Draw a big X or a squiggly line right through the template and see how it changes your finished piece.  
The template I have made for this week is also special.  You can see that each round consists of 12 shapes, one for each month of the new year.  Even as I was creating the template I was putting my new mantra into action.  When I became concerned that there were too many small spaces I just thought to myself, "Don't."  I just let the template be what it was going to be.  No worrying.

Here's the template:

For my ZenDon't I tried to let go of many of the things that sometimes stall my creativity.

I always resort to using Tipple or Printemps when I'm in a bind.  Instead I told myself, "Don't".

I have a tendency to follow the template very closely.  I told myself "Don't".

I like to leave stark white spaces.  My inner tangler said "Don't"

I decided to use Jitterz, a tangle that was new to me.  I really wanted to practice it a little first but I told myself "Don't."

Tangles:  Inapod, Jitterz, Bateek, Cadent

My second tile was chock full of "Don'ts"!

Tangles:  Box Spirals, Up and Across, Carres, Btl Joos,
Warble, Bubbles, Buttercup,  Midoosa

I started this tile in black and white and then realized that I ALWAYS use black and white so I asked myself, "Continue with the black and white?" and the answer was a resounding "Don't"

I love symmetry.  I also love asymmetry.  When one of them is going to win out however, the symmetry always kicks asymmetries butt.  As I was perfectly lining the template up with my tile I suddenly thought "Don't!".  Step out on a very thin limb with this one and just use part of the template.  I have to say that it is by far one of my all time favorite Zendala's.    I also combated symmetry by using random tangles in varied amounts in the body of the template. 
My last act of "don't" defiance was to use a new unpublished tangle.  Most of the time I like to unveil my new tangles before I start publishing them in my work but this time I said "Don't wait".  So I proudly introduce my new tangle Midoosa.  See if you can figure out which one it is.  Don't worry, directions to come in a few days.  

What will you say "Don't" to this week.  You might be surprised with what will creep up in its place.    

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and remember to link up below.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A small dilemma, a challenge.....and a giveaway!

About a week ago I had finished up my errands early and was waiting to meet my friend Sudahlia for lunch.  I had about a half an hour to kill and thought it would be the perfect time for a little tangling.  I looked in my purse, no Zentangle kit.  I checked the console in my car, no Zentangle kit.  I dug deep in my work bag, no Zentangle kit.  How could this be happening?  I have two kits and had somehow managed to leave both of them at home.  There was only one solution to prevent this from happening again, I must create some more kits!  I wrote about my favorite Zentangle kit set up a few weeks ago.  I have a black one and a pink one.  I decided to toss the pink one, the color is a little obnoxious and it shows all the pen marks I leave behind when I'm using it as a drawing surface.  I got online and ordered up some new cases from Office Depot.  The new cases were here in less than a day and I quickly got to work filling them with pens and tiles.  Ahhh, four, count em, four kits.  I will never be without supplies again!  A new problem quickly arose, however.  The next day I started a tile while waiting at the doctors office.  Later that night I grabbed the Zentangle kit off the table so that I could finish it but there was no tile.  I grabbed a kit from the car, no tile.  I finally found the kit I was looking for in my purse, but by now I was annoyed.

I called my friend Sudahlia the next day to make dinner plans for that evening.  I was telling her about all of my identical kits and how it would be nice if I had a little charm or something on the zipper so I could tell them apart.  I should know better than to mention something like that to her.  Sudahlia is a fabulous beader and showed up at dinner with four fabulous beaded charms, all distinctly different so I can now tell my kits apart.

Left:  Vintage lucite beads and accents
Right: Vintage glass fiber optic bead with a Swarovski
crystal beaded bead

Left:  Leather with glass beads
Right:  Handmade ceramic bead with glass accents

These cases are being discontinued so I ordered a few extras and thought it would be fun to do a giveaway.  To enter do one of the following:

Become a follower of this blog.

Follow this blog by email.

Place a link to this blog on your blog or website.

Leave me a message on this post letting me know which one you chose and you will be entered to win a brand new hard drive case, perfect to carry your Zentangle supplies.  Just so you don't get jealous of mine, Sudahlia says she will make the winner a charm in there choice of color to hang from their new case.

A quick note:  If you are already a follower but have not been receiving my updates in your dashboard or reader, you may need to unsubscribe and then "follow" again.  This is a glitch related to my name change a few weeks ago.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Now onto the challenge!

This week's challenge was brought to us by guest contributor Christina Vandervlist from the blog stART.  The challenge was to use a straight string with curvy tangles, or a curvy string with straight tangles.  I decided to make one of each.  I love how they came out!

I got so into this tile that at the very end I accidentally
added the straight tangle "facets" to my tile.  Oh well.

Tangles:  Pearlz, Huggins, Antidot, Crescent Moon,
Isochor, Facets, Betweed, Msst

My husband calls this one "eggs".  It was harder than I thought
to find so many straight tangles because I usually add a curve
for interest, even to the straight ones!

Tangles:  Rectangles, Florz, Baton, Ahh, Munchin,
Cubine, Apeel, Up and Across

Saturday, July 9, 2011

String Theory v. IV - Creative Genesis

This weeks Diva Challenge was presented by guest contributor Sue Jacobs, CZT.   Our mission, should we accept it, was to use an actual string (or anything resembling a string) attached to some sort of weight to create the string for our tile.  I grabbed some really neat bakery twine I had just bought and tied it to a pen.  I tried several times to let it fall freely onto the tile but soon realized that I was not so subconsciously guiding it.  Finally I just closed my eyes and let it go.

When I opened my eyes I was happy to see that it was something I could easily deal with.  I went through some old Zentangles to try to use patterns I haven't used in a while and I really like the results.

Tangles: Up and Across, Worms, Printemps, Onamato

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