Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Tangle - Batter

People often tell me that they enjoy hearing the story behind the tangle but today they may regret that statement because this one is a little weird. 

Most nights my brain has a usual routine at bedtime.  No matter how much I try to turn my brain "off" it insists on thinking about everything under the sun.  Usually I'm thinking about the next Zendala Dare, a new layout I want to try in my planner, or I am dreaming up crazy trips I want to go on with my nieces and nephews.   When I finally fall asleep there are lots of crazy dreams to contend with.  My dreams are colorful, realistic, and sometimes scary.  Often there is a bit of sleepwalking thrown in, but thats ok, I just count it as exercise.  My trainer is not so generous.  

In between falling asleep and dreaming I have another state that I'm sure some sleep specialist would have a name for but I just think of it as my "nonsense" state.  As I am falling asleep I go through a state where I start thinking of things that have no rhyme or reason.  Last night I was picturing myself wrapping a statue in cotton candy.    A couple days ago I had a vision where I saw a bunch of dogs and cats swimming in a pool filled with purple water.  Some people have suggested that these are actually dreams that I am remembering but I beg to differ.  When I dream I can ALWAYS trace it back to something that has happened in the last few days.  If there is pizza in a dream, I guarantee I ate pizza in the last few days.  If the dream includes an ocean, I can guarantee I have been to the ocean in the recent past.  A dream about and ambulance with a zebra in back, I guarantee I have had a recent ambulance shift.  (For the record, it would be so awesome if I found a zebra in the back of my ambulance!)  These "nonsense" visions however, are just that, nonsense with absolutely no correlation to my life.  I can't tell you if I have them every night because I think I just pass through them and go to sleep.  Other nights however, I become very aware that they are occurring and I find it very comforting when this happens because I know it means I am on my way to sleep.  Is this weird?  Does this happen to anyone else?

So what does this have to do with my new tangle Batter?  One night I was having one of these visions and it was like a line drawing of a housewife in fifties clothing.  She had a big bowl which appeared to be filled with a batter of some sort. 

My vision looked almost identical to this except it
was all pink and it was a line drawing, not a photo.

She was stirring it with a wooden spoon and it was leaving traces in the batter that sort of looked like a flower.  After seeing this I immediately got up and made a sketch.  The next day I started playing with it and the tangle Batter was born.  

And remember, you guys are the ones that ask where I get the idea for these tangles!



  1. Yes, I'm gonna try this one, Thank you! Also thank you for sharing your 'weird' story behind it. I think our minds work in a wonderful ways and this is one of them.

  2. Love it. I have a nonsense state too. <3

  3. Such fun to hear about how your mind operates!

  4. Tangle is my favorite love stroy. I have watched it many times but everytime it seems new to me. The characters are very beautiful specially Repunzel.



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