Sunday, January 19, 2014

Zendala Dare #88

I warned you last week that school was starting and things could get ugly.  Well school started, and yes, things got ugly.  Yes, the Zendala Dare is late.  Yes, I am sorry.  Enough said.  Let's move on.

Have you ever been in a room with people you have known for a long time and suddenly felt like you have no idea who they actually are?  That is what is happening to me at this very minute.  My husbands uncle invited us and my in-laws over to his house to watch the 49er vs. Seahawks game today.  When the game started I was suddenly presented with four people who were screaming, yelling, and fighting with the television.  I admit its super entertaining, even if it is uncomfortably loud!  I'm not much of a football fan but I do have to cheer on my 49er's so I guess I will put up with it for a couple hours.  

The rest of this week was primarily taken up by school.  The first few weeks of each semester of nursing school are always jam packed and this one was no exception.  The up side: Now I can officially say I am more than half way to becoming a nurse!!!  Graduation is on December 14th and I am counting down the days!

The other event of note was an annual crab feed that I attended last night to support our local Lions club.  My mother generously treats the family each year and we always have a great time.  You can read about last years crab feed here.  Of course at the end of dinner I realized I hadn't taken any pictures so my family decided to "help" and stage a blog picture for me.  This is what they came up with:

Needless to say, they will not be helping me with any future blogging projects.  

There was this little surprise though when we pulled back the top of the ice cream cup.

It reminds me of the scene when Forest Gump
wipes his face on the t-shirt.

Zendala Dare #88

Here is the template for the week:

I decided to take this opportunity to try out the new renaissance tiles from Zentangle.

Tangles: Sedgeling, Echoism, Caviar, Emingle,
Beelight, Dragonair

I used a brown and black Micron 01 and my new Zentangle soapstone to shade.  The picture doesn't do the shading justice.  I might need to add in some white Gelly roll highlights next time.

I am working on next weeks Zendala Dare as you read this so hopefully it will be posted in a timely manner.  

Have an amazing week!


  1. Thanks Erin for providing a new (and very interesting) template. Succes in this next busy week!

  2. Love your Zendala ! ! !
    And a lovely template this week :)

  3. i like their staged photo - i think the fork in the bottle adds a nice touch :) and it shows the food was good - cause it's all gone except for the bread - and the beverage must have been awesome, cause look at all those empty glasses!!! great shot, family!

    alice hendon, professional photographer
    Shadow of the Cross Photography

    hehehehehe! (it's true, though, about being a professional photographer and i love the picture :) )

  4. Lovely photos, Erin - even the staged!
    I love your dare and your tangle this week and have really enjoyed doing something a bit new for me with it. Axxx

  5. I love this one, Erin. Everything (well,almost everything) fell right into place. And I love your Zendala, too.

  6. Enjoyed this one thank you very much for sharing!!

  7. Thanks so much for the great challenge this week!

  8. Thanks so much for providing a great challenge!! Here goes my first effort. Regards, ReneeW. (aka mouser knits)

  9. Finally got mine up - now I can go check out everyone else's amazing work!

  10. I repeat, Erin, I love this template. Just posted a few new ones in addition to my earlier one.

  11. I think I just made it under the deadline. I liked the template, schedule did not work out to get to it earlier. Looking forward to the next one.

  12. I am slow. But I like to post my zendalas whenever I finally get them done!

  13. Oops! I think I posted #88 on the page for 87! Erin, if I don't post a comment, does my link above go away? I went back to see which one I linked to on the 87 page and it wasn't there



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