Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zendala Dare #30 - Thanksgiving

Happy November everyone!  It's been another crazy week.  I spent most of it trying to keep myself healthy and then spent all of Wednesday prepping for my family to come over on Halloween night.  Halloween is by far my most favorite holiday, but I have to admit, this year was a bit of a let down.  The weather here was horrible, it was just cold and rainy enough to make trick or treating miserable, plus I couldn't put out any of my decorations.  My husband did manage to carve two pumpkins which is a good thing because without them people may have thought we weren't even home!  On the upside, my nieces and nephew were adorable and my youngest brother AJ showed up in a pretty impressive pirate costume.  He talked in pirate speak for most of the night and at one point I asked my three year old niece if she was cold and she told me in her best pirate voice "Shiver me timbers!"   I don't think she gets that "shivering" and "shiver me timbers" are not the same thing, but it was hilarious none the less.  

Zendala Dare #30

Here we are again at the first Saturday of the month so a little extra challenge is in order.  When I was thinking about what this months challenge should be my thoughts automatically went to Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is all about family, togetherness, reflecting on what we are thankful for and of  

Food is the center of the holiday for so many people that I decided it should be the center of this weeks Zendala Dare.   I wanted to center on one part of the meal and the obvious choice would be the turkey, but let's be honest, the turkey is just their so you can have 30 side dishes.  Does anybody really love the turkey?  Every year I sit at my mom's table and we all say "Great turkey mom!", but what we really mean is "Will anyone notice if I have a third helping of stuffing?"  But then I got to thinking, the sides are good but dessert, dessert is where it's really at, and in my house and I'm sure many other's it's all about PIE!  My mom makes great apple pie!  I hear her pumpkin is good too but I leave that nastiness for my brother John.  I have never liked pumpkin pie and probably never will so don't even attempt to get me to try it again.

So yes, this weeks challenge is about pie and it is a combination challenge in two parts.   The first part of the challenge is to fill the template with at least three tangles that start with the letters P, I, and E.  If you need to use more tangles just make sure they start with one of those three letters.  The second part of the challenge is that at least one of those tangles must be one you have never used before.

Here's the template:

Link to Zendala Dare #30 templates

Tangles:  Printemps, Intersection, Echoism,
I really wanted to leave some negative space on this template but it just didn't lend itself to that.  As a result, I think that this one is a little busy.   Finding tangles that started with P, I & E was more difficult than I thought and by the time I used Printemps and Echoism, I forgot that I needed something that started with "I" that I had never used before.  I went with Intersection which I'm not actually in love with.  I think I am not a fan of the union jack look that it evokes.  All in all, I don't love this one but I don't hate it either.  

Remember to post your version of this weeks
dare below! I can't wait to see how you handle
the extra challenge.



  1. Love this challenge!! That is how I frequently decide what tangles to choosing a letter of the alphabet that is related to something else I am doing or inspired by!! Thanks...glad you are better!

  2. This template is beautiful, can't wait to try it! As for too much on your plate, well as long as it is "pie", we'll forgive you! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Lovely template this week Erin, glad you are better, lets hope it stays that way. Our halloween weather in the south of England was wet and miserable as well!!! Oh for some nicer weather....

  4. This week's Dare was truly a Challenge!! but that's a good thing, thanks Erin :)

  5. Mmmmmmmm.... Pie!
    A great challenge - I only used tangles I'd never used before.

  6. Thanks for the challenge Erin. I always love it when you have to use certain tangles even if it are tangle you would never try yourself. Thats the great thing about challenging.

  7. Great challenge!!! I had not used echo before...and see I could certainly use some practice on it!!!!

  8. Love the PIE theme. Yummy! The challenge was really fun too. Thank you Sweet Erin!

  9. I finally had a bit of time to jump into the dare! It is fun to have the restrictions and yet the freedom perimeters! Thank you Erin!

  10. Great Zendala with the added touch of having to use tangles starting with the letters PIE - I got to use two "new to me" tangles - always and incentive to learn and experiment. Thanks Erin.

  11. Well this was a real was fun searching for tangles especially those that began with I and E. Thank you for all the fun!

  12. LOVE your zendala!! The printemps looks so great!! Very cool!

  13. This is really gorgeous! I love how you came out of the border.



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