Monday, April 23, 2012

The Diva's Amanda/Earth Day Challenge

This week the Diva decided that she wanted to use the challenge to honor Earth Day which is April 22.  Her son however had other plans and decided the Earth should now be called Amanda.  Hey, when the Earth is having an identity crisis this is no time to mess around.  You can read the story of how this challenge was born here.

The Diva had made a few suggestions about how we could honor Earth Day using shape, organic tangles etc. but I liked her suggestion of using earth tone colors the best.  I have a beautiful set of Prismacolor pencils that I do not use because mostly, I just don't know how.  I figured this would be a good time to test them out.  

I made a new Zendala template because I wanted to mimic the shape of the earth.  The tangles really have no connection to earth day, they just felt right for the spaces.  I like how the color turned out, but I have a lot of trouble getting the pencils to blend.  Maybe they are not supposed to, like I said I have no idea how they are supposed to work. If you have any tips for me, by all means leave a comment below.  I need all the help I can get. All in all, I think it was a good effort and I like the end result.  

Tangles:  Rick's Paradox, Printemps,
Wired, Tearce

If you are looking for more Zendala templates stop by my link up for the Zendala Dare.  I feature a new Zendala template every Friday for you to tangle and share.  It is so much fun!

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  1. Your choice of colors is perfect! Paradox in the center so expressive, just right to focus your attention! Beautiful tile!

  2. I love the earthy tones and organic feel of your tile. It reminds me of a nest of bird's eggs. Very pretty!

  3. This is very Amanda-y! The colors are lovely and organic.

    You can blend your colored pencils with Gamsol and a blending stump. Gamsol is just a fancy name for odorless mineral spirits. But, I am not sure how the black ink will react to the Gamsol, so you might want to experiment on a scrap before you take it to a beautiful tile.

    Good luck!


  4. Great zendala's. And the colors add so much!

  5. i like the patterns you used - and i like the earth tones in your pencil selection. i haven't used this type of pencil, so i'm no help there. sorry! beautiful tile :)

  6. Lovely zendala! Your center patterns really set it off nicely.

  7. I think the zendala turned out great, your choices of earth tone colors was perfect for the challenge.

    As far as blending colored pencils, I just picked up a book at the library on working with colored pencils, it's called The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil by Gary Greene... you might check and see if your library has a copy you can check out. I haven't gotten into it to answer your question. I have noticed a big difference in brands of colored pencils though... I have a drawer full of them that I have collected over the years, for instance, The Staedtler brand goes on so much "smoother" than crayola. I do think with colored pencils, that the color looks blended when you step back and the eye does the blending, sort of like a impressionist painting. :)

  8. What a beautiful Zendala! I love the combination of tangles you have used, they work so well together.

  9. Fabulous Zentangle today!!
    To blend Prismacolor Pencils you need to use a blending stump and dip it into orderless solvent, just a bit at a time. Slowly blend your two colours together :o) I put my solvent into a tiny jar with a piece of felt in the bottom of it - then just wet the felt. That is plenty to dip into and blend.
    Good luck using your new pencils :o)
    Hugs, Candy

  10. I'm seeing so many interesting uses of the tangles. I love your earthy colors, too! This is beautiful!

  11. I like your new creation, especially since you also left some black and white areas. So hard to know where to stop whem adding some color The colors look quite blended, the yellow and orange?

  12. Oooh! I know the answer to your question!

    The secret to Prismas is to use them very sharp, and color in very lightly. You blend by layering--it's a very zen process--and when you want to smooth the colors down, you have three choices: white, cream, or a colorless blender. If you blend by using the white pencil over top of your colored area, the color will lighten and opaque. If you use cream, the color will yellow and opaque. If you use a Prismacolor colorless blending pencil, the colors will simply opaque. In all three cases, the bottom layers will still show through, but only noticeably so if you use the colorless blender. Also in all three cases, if you have color gradations or color changes, the blending will smooth them out and smudge them together.

    It's very much worth it to spend some time and a piece of paper and practice with each of your Prismacolors. Some of them are much waxier than others, and it pays to know in advance which of the ones you have will blend and opaque the others (it's not just the white and cream that can do this, even though they are the ones artists use most for it). As you experiment, you will probably notice that you can color over any blended area to either intensify it or change it.

    Because of the wax in Prismas, you might eventually notice a dusty sort of "bloom" on the picture. This can be prevented by spraying your picture with fixative (it comes in spray cans at any art store) after you finish it. Once the bloom develops, it's too late for spray fix, but you can sometimes lightly polish it off with a lintfree cloth--do watch out for smudges though.

    There is one thing to watch out for with Prismas. Do your best never to drop them, because if they land on a hard surface they can break inside the wood. Then each time you sharpen one, the lead will fall out of the pencil. It's the only thing that REALLY bugs me about Prismas.

    Nice to meet you, by the way! I'm Cathie, a newbie to Zentangling.

  13. Love doing these "dares". I'm brand new to tangles, about a month, but I got my kit and am trying to arrange a lesson with Carolyn Blocher that has been cancelled one time due an auto accident on the way to class (sob)! I also enjoy reading your blog, and looking at all the other entries, which I'm off to do right now. Thanks so much for spending the time to do this. I know how time consuming these kinds of things can be.



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