Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Challenge #55

This week the Diva's Challenge was to use the logo from the Moebius Syndrome Foundation as our string for our tile.  The Diva's son has Moebius syndrome and she is trying to increase awareness.  January 24th is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day and she is encouraging everyone to wear purple of some sort to increase awareness.  

As for the tile, I decided to print out the template she provided and transfer it to a tile using some pencil lead and an embossing tool.  I thought that this tile cried out for simplicity so I decided to just focus on two tangles, Limpet and Flux.  I really love the result!

Tangles:  Limpitz, Flux
Also, the Diva's blog has been nominated as 2011's Most Fascinating Blog in the teaching category!  This is a very exciting honor and I am doing everything I can to ensure a win.  Voting is taking place until January 26.  I would really appreciate if you would go to the link here and vote for  There is no signing in, no answering bunches of questions, its just one click and your done.   Thanks so much!



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