Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life's little lessons

I am a Zentangle addict!   I do it anywhere and everywhere.  I have been tangling for about 6 months now and recently became a CZT.  I believe in this technique 100%, but even with all this confidence I sometimes feel myself shying away when people ask about it because I am trying to avoid the dreaded "doodling" comment that I know is coming.  As anybody who tangles knows, tangling is best explained by doing, not by telling.

I had to attend a conference yesterday about neuro science, not the most stimulating topic.  I wanted to test out the theory that I would retain more by tangling during the conference so I grabbed one of my Zentangle kits and headed out.  I was concerned that others at the conference would think I was not paying attention and that my fellow firefighters and paramedics would not "get it" but I decided to sit down and jump in.

I managed to complete 5 tiles in 7 hours:

Tangles:  Cubine, Crescent Moon, Static,
Dragonair, Socc, Antidot

My first tile was very traditional since I was getting a lot of questions about "How do you start?"  I decided to do the type of tile I would do in a class with the addition of some borders.

Tangle:  Rick's Paradox

My second tile turned into a monotangle.  Originally I had planned to add some other tangles to this tile, but Rick's Paradox is so much fun that it just took over.  This tile has a boo boo (it may not be obvious but I know it's there, lol) but that error made me pay closer attention and now I have some hints and tricks for my students.

Tangles:  Florz, Flux, Tripoli, Printemps,
Huggins, Baton

You may notice that all my other images are scanned and this one is photographed (with my iphone, no less!).  Thats because my friend Sue was so intrigued by this tile that I gave it to her.  She was really impressed with how the tangles are "layered" which is achieved by the Zentangle "draw behind" method.

Tangles:  Munchin, Tagh, Tripoli, Tipple

 Another traditional Zentangle.

Tangles:  Hollibaugh, Bales, Printemps, Bault

For tile number 5 I decided to play with my new tangle Bault (directions coming soon, I promise!).

When the day was over I did feel like I had retained more information from the conference.  The only downside is that while I felt like it was easier to concentrate on the speaker, I was also acutely aware of any background noise that was going on.  As for my anxiety about explaining myself and worrying what others would think of my tangling, it was all for nothing.  No one seemed to have an issue with it and a few of my friends even asked if I would be interested in teaching Zentangle to their children's classes.  From now on, I'm going to give up on the worrying.


  1. love the tiles and love the ending to your story!

  2. Wow, that is really awesome, I love your story and I LOVE your tiles!
    I know I Zentangle while I listen to TV shows and I loooooove it! :)



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