Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Winner, winner, winner! We have a winner....and oh yeah, the Diva Challenge!

I want to start by thanking everyone who participated in my Zentangle case giveaway.  It's so nice to meet so many new people in the blog world and to be able to share ideas.  Now onto the moment you have all been waiting for, the winner of the giveaway (as chosen randomly by my husband) is:

Debby High

Congratulations Debby!  As soon as my friend Su completes your custom zipper pull I will be sending out your new Zentangle case.

Now onto the Diva's 36th challenge.

This week the Diva has returned to us in all of her challenge splendor.  I loved all the guest contributors but I love Laura's style as well so I was eagerly waiting to see what she had in store for us.  This week we had to use the new official tangle Assunta.

Tangles:  Socc, Assunta

When I looked at the directions for Assunta I thought "No problem, I got this" but once I got started I found this tangle more difficult than I anticipated.  I was having a hard time getting my teardrops consistent and the spacing was challenging but luckily I soon realized that Assunta is very forgiving.  I wanted it to have a sprawling, free form feel but due to it's somewhat geometric nature it ended up a little more rigid than I would like.  I noticed that Assunta also seems to get lost when filled with another tangle or at least that how it looks to me.  Even though I am very pleased with this attempt I'm going to keep working with Assunta to see if I can improve on the points I have mentioned.  Oh no, another excuse to tangle!

Now for something totally off the subject but totally amazing!  I am relatively new to the blogging world so I had not heard about this until today.  I was talking to a friend who knows my love for both food and crafts and she asked if I had seen foodgawker.com and craftgawker.com.  For those who don't know, these sites pull pictures from blogs and centralize them in one place so you can quickly scan to see if anything catches your eye and then with a click it will take you to that blog for further investigation.  You can check their homepage each day for a variety of topics or search specifics.  There are also two other sites call dwellinggawker.com and weddinggawker.com.  I have been exploring for about 2 hours tonight and have already found so many cool blogs.  Check it out.


  1. Clever, you have made Assunta flow like a river!

  2. I'm loving all the "large" tangles. Maybe that's my challenge...to quit making my tangles so small! This is beautiful!

  3. Your tangle is lovely. I agree with you about Assunta sometimes becoming 'lost' but I think it somehow compels you to fill in the spaces.

  4. Thanks for the "gawker" idea. I'd never heard of that before. Love your tangle!!!! Great variations on Assunta!

  5. I love it! Your assunta is great and I love the swirls in between!

  6. I also like your tile!! What's that tangle in the lower left?

  7. I think filling between Assunta with the spirals enhanced them and made it shine! Great tile!

  8. Ranza, that is a new tangle I am working on that will be available very soon. I haven't named it yet.



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