Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pendrills a plenty!

 I just love this new tangle!  I originally had different plans for this tile but once I got going it just took over and turned into a monotangle.  I love how it came out.

Tangles:  Pendrills


  1. Oh Wow! This is great. How did you keep track of your branches? A little dizzy when you were done?

  2. I love this tangle too, wasn't sure if anyone would see my attraction to it. My thought was for the vines to branch off into two vines (or three) at each "pendrill" . But I like to teach without saying much to see where folks take it.....meaning new and exciting directions. And I think they have!!

    Love the feeling of this tile. Congrats. M

  3. THis is so bold and so beautiful!

  4. Erin - this is really lovely. It reminds me of a sea sponge!

  5. Wow, Erin...this is awesome!

  6. Very bold and graphic! I love it.



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