Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is it just me?

I'm new to blogging so maybe I didn't execute something properly.  Two weeks ago I announced my give-a-way and this week I announced the winners.  I sent emails to each winner and have only received one response in four days.  Some of the people who won are commenting on my blog but not responding to my email so I'm not sure what is up.  Perhaps I didn't contact them through the correct channels, I'm really not sure.    I am reposting the winners in the hopes that they will see this and send me their address at erinkoetzolson(at)gmail(dot)com.  Sorry for the repetition but I want to make sure that the winners receive their gifts.

Cindy B-my Art - vintage buttons
Karen Lynn - bead collection
CqPayne - Moleskine storyboard journal
Lilith MacRoberts - Prismacolor markers
Blue-bird - rubber stamp set


  1. Yeah, I'm a winner! Erin, I'm sorry I missed your posting of the winners, and didn't receive an e-mail from you, but I'm contacting you at your email address above.

  2. Hi,Erin!
    Ive e-mailed you twice,but I haven't back from you. Hope you got it!
    Cindy B



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