Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zendala madness

This is the 25th week of the Diva challenge and this week Genevieve Crabbe, CZT was the guest artist.  Her challenge was to use a mandala template and create a Zendala.  After seeking some help on how to get the template onto the tile (I've never done one of these before) I dove right in.  The first tile came out nice but it seemed a little dark and busy.

Tangles:  Cubine, Tipple, Printemps, Cootie, Betweed,
Weave, Crescent Moon

I took a second crack at it and like the results much better.

Tangles: Pearlz, Space, Skeins, Socc

I had seen some other artists complaining that it was hard to get started and initially I thought that was strange because I thought the added structure of the template would make it easier.  When I tried to get started, however, I felt a little lost.  It seems like there is added pressure trying to make sure the tangles "fit".  That's probably why I chose so many tangles in the first tile, that way if I didn't work I could switch to something else and cut my losses.  On the second tile I forced myself to make more of a commitment and I think it shows.   The edges were the most difficult for me and it wasn't until I finished the second one that I realized I had edged them in a similar manner.   I look forward to finding some more templates and making many more of these.

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