Monday, June 20, 2011

Diva Weekly Challenge #27

This week the Diva decided to change it up a bit since we have been focusing on strings and she wanted to put some focus on tangles.  The challenge was to create a tile using only Dex and Verdigogh.  A two tangle tile, not such a big deal.  A two tangle tile using tangles I have never tried before.....a much bigger deal.

I don't like to practice tangles before I try them on a tile because it seems anti-Zentangle to me.  I figure what happens will happen and if I don't like it I can just get creative at shading!  So I jumped in feet first and just let the pen go:

Tangles: Dex, Verdigogh

I did the Verdigogh portion first and then placed an aura around it because I liked it that way in a tile I had seen that Maria did.  I think on my next attempt I will leave the aura off and see what I get.  This tile also let me discover some things I love about Verdigogh (it's like Hollibaugh on steroids!) and some things I will try not to do again.  As for Dex, it's one of those optical illusion tangles.  I love them but don't usually mix them with the more organic tangles like Verdigogh.  This was good because the challenge forced me out of my box an combine unlikely tile fellows.  I think I will give this one a second, and who knows, maybe a third try and see what develops.

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