Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yay, I finally did it!

I have been wanting to blog for years now but I was always waiting for the perfect title, the perfect post, the perfect project, the perfect piece of art.  Today, I decided to go against everything that is natural to me and I said "To hell with it, I'm just going to get started" and I will improve it as I go.

I have been a beader for many years but just recently got into Zentangles.  It is an artform that has transformed me from a careful planner and someone who wouldn't start a project without thinking about it for 3 days, to an artist who will whip out a pen and paper at a moments notice and create a piece of art that may not be perfect but will no doubt be beautiful.  This blog will be primarily devoted to my Zentangles but will also contain other posts that I find inspiring, beautiful or informative whether they be art related or otherwise.  I'm a big fan of cooking so expect a recipe or two also!

I hope you all enjoy!


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