Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zendala Dare #104

Zendala Dare #104

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE this template.  This template is only about 2 weeks old and it's already sleeping through the night and I have been thinking about it every day and how I wanted to use it.

Link to Zendala #104 template  

(Please note that I have changed my hosting site for the templates from Google Drive to Dropbox.  This should not be a significant change for my readers but if you do have trouble accessing it please leave me a comment below)

Tangles:  Apeel, Croon, Wartz
For my rendition I used the tangle Wartz (a favorite of mine) in the center and then a tangleation of Warts on the edge.  I used a tangleation of Croon for the cones and then Apeel to top them off.

This Zendala has a lot of tangleations and that brings up a point I want to make.  People often write to me and ask why I just list the tangle name under my tile and not when I use tangleations of those tangles and the reason is this.  When you are completing a Zendala is is sometimes difficult to fit a repetitive pattern into the space you are trying to fill so you must just use one section of that pattern or some of it's components.  For example, I say that I am using Croon for the cones but really only the base of the cone is Croon and the top is just linework.  I call it Croon because that is what inspired me as I was looking through my pattern book.  Next week I may use a similar feature but call it something else because I saw a different tangle that used it.  I feel that in order for something to be a true tangleation it should be modified in a repetitive way and Zendala's usually don't provide enough space to meet that standard for me.  So when I am deciding what to call a tangle I go by two rules 1)What inspired me? 2) Give credit where credit it due.  My ultimate goal is to list the tangles so that you can be inspired and check out directions for the complete tangle yourself and then you can decide what to do with it.  The possibilities are endless!

My parting gift to you this week is this picture.  I took
it yesterday when I took my niece and nephew to lunch.
Check out how adorable she is and his keen 
fashion sense.  

Have a fantastic week!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Zendala Dare #103

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I know I did.  Things have been so crazy around here.  My husband started a new job two weeks ago and I started my new job at the hospital last week so it's sort of a small miracle that the hubby and I were able to manage a mini vacation this weekend.  I had actually planned this getaway months ago because we had a credit at a bed and breakfast that we love to go to and we are new members of the wine club at Handley Cellars so we were invited to attend their Summer Celebration.

I didn't really know what to expect.  The invite just said that there would be wine, food and music.  How can you go wrong?  They had several food stations with wine pairings and you can be sure that we tried every one of them!

Delicious paté from
The Bewildered Pig
Can a crab cake actually change
your life?
It can when it comes from Aquarelle.

We took in the gorgeous sites:

And then bid Handley Cellars farewell:

We proceeded up north to beautiful coastal town of Mendocino which has always been a favorite of ours.  I have been trying to get more exercise as of late so on Sunday we decided to go for a walk/hike at a place I have wanted to visit for many years, the Pygmy Forest at Van Damme State Park.  The Pygmy Forest is a grove of trees that are hundreds of years old, but still very small considering their age.  Supposedly this had to do with a shifting of the coastline and certain characteristics in the soil that doesn't allow the trees to reach their max potential. 

I tried to get the best pictures I could but it's difficult to show them to scale.  None of these trees were higher than 20 feet.  



After making our way through the Pygmy forest we enjoyed a beautiful 4 mile hike that I can't wait to do again.  The weather was absolutely perfect and so were the surroundings.



On Monday we took a leisurely drive home and decided to visit another state park, Hendy Woods in Philo.  It proved to have equally beautiful scenery and an easy 2 mile trail.

And then I finished off the weekend doing what I love to do most:

Zendala Dare #103

Tangles:  Mooka, Diva Dance, Knightsbridge

This Zendala is a true testament to why you should never give up.  Ever since I created this template I have been thinking that Mooka was perfect for the outer ring.  The problem is, I'm not a big fan of Mooka.  It just never looks good to me.  I enjoy drawing it.  I enjoy when Maria draws it even more because it looks fantastic when she does it!  I just feel like mine falls a bit short.  On top of that, I completed the first Mooka and realized I had a bad pen so I had to trace over it which didn't look great either and to top it all off I made a mistake in one of the bottom points.  I decided to try to cover the mistake by blacking out the point and once I did that the piece started to come together and I enjoyed the contrast.  Throw in a little Knightsbridge and some Diva Dance and the finished piece doesn't look half bad, and to think I almost gave up!

What do you have in store for this template?
I can't wait to see!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Zendala Dare #102

No, don't adjust your screens. It's actually happening, TWO, YES TWO Zendala Dare's in a row that I actually managed to post on time!  Yep, pretty proud of myself right now.  I even managed to get it all done even though today was my first day training for my new job at the hospital.  I'm super excited to finally be working as a nurse!

Zendala Dare #102

It's been a while since I did a white on black Zendala so I figured that this template was as good as any.

Tangles:  Lokomotive, Dansk, Mosaic,

I really like the way this one turned out, especially the Lokomotive around the outer edge but I decided to do a little shading on the inner circle and I wish I had left it black.  Other than that I think it's a lovely Zendala.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Zendala Dare #101

Hello Everyone!  I think I have kept you waiting long enough for a new Zendala Dare template so let's jump in!

Zendala Dare #101

Link to Zendala Dare #101 template

Here is my disappointing attempt:

Tangles: Hypnotic, Frondous

I know, I know, I'm not supposed to speak negatively about my work but to me, this Zendala is all kinds of wrong.  First of all, I started it in March.  It was about 1/3 of the way complete when I set it aside and apparently forgot all about it, along with my blog!  It seemed like a waste so I picked it back up for this post and was almost done with the Frondous in the middle when I realized that the template had an uneven number of lines and my symmetrical pattern just wasn't going to happen.  That's why I needed to put that weird snake like piece in there.  Then I realized that I had colored some sections black all the way around the perimeter of certain sections and not in others.  I just felt like the whole thing was off, yet I persevered and finished it because that's what we do.  Right?  No biggie, there's always next week.  lol

I hope you have a wonderful week and remember to 
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My First True Love

When I was 16 years old I scored a job at a deli that was in the heart of my hometown.  It was a really cool place to work and I loved it.  Lots of the  popular kids worked there and you could always find something interesting going on.  The deli sat on the edge of a small park and was surrounded by cute little shops and restaurants just waiting to take all the tourist dollars they could get.  Behind the deli there was a staircase that led up to a neighboring street and at the top of that staircase was Ott's stationary.  That's where I first saw him.  My first true love.

For the sake of anonymity I will call him Carlos.  I vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on him.    He looked so exotic.  Like he didn't belong in a small town.  His skin was dark and smooth with little marks that were so perfect in their imperfection they almost appeared fake.  He appeared so mature, maybe too mature for me but I didn't care.  I knew from that first glance that we would someday be together.

At least once a week I would take a walk up to the stationary store to visit him.  He never said much.  He was a very quiet, mysterious sort but there was something so intriguing about him.  He was like no one I had ever met before.  A foreigner from a far off place I had never visited but at the same time it seemed like I had been preparing my whole life to meet him.   I knew that to be with him I would have to do some careful planning.  I would have to be prudent about letting my mother see me with him as I could already predict that she would say he "wasn't appropriate for me" and that "I was out of my league."  But I didn't care and I meticulously laid out my plan for us to be together.  

I would think about the places we would go together, the big events we would plan for our new life, and how I would keep track of each and every milestone.  

Finally the day came for me and Carlos to be together.  I planned to spend the entire day with him.  I remember having the paper tightly gripped in my sweaty palm as I walked up to Ott's to see him.  I found him in his usual spot towards the back of the store and I quietly whispered "You and I will never part."  I opened my hand and placed $45 dollars on the counter and purchased Carlos.  

Yes, I purchased him.  

Because Carlos wasn't a person, he was my first day planner.  An At-A-Glance Day Runner to be exact. A beautiful faux alligator, velcro closure, stuffed to the gills with inserts I would never use, day planner!

Oh, don't roll your eyes at me.  I know that there are plenty of you out there just as crazy and neurotic about your paper planners as I am. (Yes, Nikki and Dawn, I'm talking to you!)

I have had a long relationship with paper planners.  My earliest recollection is having one of those little square Hallmark calendars that they gave away for free in the stores.  It was usually covered in overly stylized flowers or pictures of Precious Moments figurines and every grandmother had one in their purse.  I had one that was given to me by my Grandma Claar when I was around 10 and I remember writing all my 4-H meetings in it.  I have a vivid memory of walking to my ceramics class up the street from my house and checking the time in my calendar and thinking "Someday I will be so important that every day in this calendar will be filled!".  Well, I don't know how important I am but that calendar is definitely full, and most days I wish it was completely empty!

Fast forward 30 years and I have tried just about every planning system there is.  I've tried a Day Runner, At-A-Glance, Planner Pad, Filo Fax, Franklin Covey, the Passion Planner and the Uncalendar.  I've tried  wallet calendars, pocket calendars, desk calendars,  and wall calendars.  I've considered Kikki K, Erin Condren, Hobonichi, Midori Traveler, Plum Paper, Whomi, WeekDate and Inkwell Press.  I tried digital options like Evernote, OmniFocus, WeekCal, iCal, Calendars5 and a horrible app called Fantastical and still no luck.  I have even gone as far as to make an entire planner and all its components from scratch, which worked surprisingly well, for a while.    

I think it's obvious by now that having a planner of some type is essential to me and that's why I am writing this post.  I know it must be essential to some of you too and I want to let you in on my newest find (even though you guys may have already found it!). 

In December of 2014 I was once again on a hunt for a new paper planner.  While reading blog article after blog article and watching more You Tube reviews than I care to admit, I noticed that there was a new player in the paper planner world and it was called the Bullet Journal.  The Bullet Journal concept was created by Ryder Carroll after he struggled for years to find a system that worked for him.  The best part about the Bullett Journal is that it actually doesn't require a "special" journal.  All you need is a book with empty pages and a pen and you can get started.  I have been Bullet Journaling for several months now and find it more effective than anything else I have tried.  Is it perfect for me, no, but I think this concept has had more impact on how I currently plan than any other.  I love the versatility of having a blank book.  A book that I can modify however I see fit rather than trying to cram my life into little boxes and lines that someone else has created for me.    I will be writing future posts about how I have adapted my Bullet Journal to meet my needs but for now I'm just going to leave you with Ryder's quick video because the video explains it far better than I ever could.  

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I'm not dead, happy Fourth of July and other important info.

I want to start by wishing everyone a very happy Fourth of July weekend.  I had a wonderful weekend celebrating with family.  My stepmother made the trip from Los Angeles to spend it with the family and we had a great time at my mothers house complete with barbecue, water balloon fight, ice cream and of course, the obligatory fire works.  On Sunday my mom put together a lovely brunch before my step mom left and now I am just spending the afternoon catching up on blog odds and ends.

That brings me to the next order of business.  I am not dead.  You know you have been away from your blog too long when you start getting messages from your readers to check and make sure you are still alive.  I truly appreciate all the concern even if it does make me feel extremely guilty.  The truth is, after nursing school ended I thought I was ready to jump into my old life but after a few weeks I realized that job hunting and being lazy was taking up most of my time.  I didn't even want to Zentangle.  Can you believe that?  Well, I feel like that phase is coming to an end and I am having daily cravings for a bit of tangling so you can expect to see a new Zendala Dare soon.  I hope you guys are still with me!

I was also having a bit of a struggle deciding exactly what I wanted to include on my blog.  In the past I have voiced my concerns here and asked what you guys wanted to read about but as I look back on that I think I was a bit over worried about the whole thing.  I have so many things I want to share with you, my fascination with paper planners, my love for essential oils, my family, my work, and of course my obsession with Zentangle.  A good blog is a blog that talks about things someone is passionate about and that's what I am going to write about going forward.  Feel free to read as much or as little as you like but I have a feeling your going to enjoy most of it. Either way, I would love to hear your comments about my posts.

Last but not least, I have been spending the better part of this afternoon cleaning up the blog and I want to tell you about a few things.  First, the Tangle Links tab has been updated.  The Tangle Links page contains links (or info) to EVERY tangle I have used on the blog.  Some of the old links were broken or there was a newer more appropriate link.  You may notice that some links say "no online link available".  Yes, some of those do have online links but they are links that violate copyright infringement.  I only link to the most direct, most appropriate link that lists the artist ON the pattern, not in the URL or in the Pinterest comment.  The only exception to this are sites that I personally know to be reputable and that are very clear about who the original artist is.  One of the best is Linda Farmers site TanglePatterns.com.  Be sure to stop over there and take a look.   On the tech side of things, I also have one other small but ugly issue.  A few people have emailed me to let me know that there are some "unappealing" links on the Linkey machine where you link your work.  This occurs because somebody purchases a domain name and then for whatever reason decides to abandon it.  The Internet trolls then come along and see that at some point people were visiting that domain and it's like a built in audience for them.  Well, they buy it up and then put whatever type of spam (usually adult content) on it to entice people to read their ads for whatever ridiculous, overpriced, unproven product they are selling.  I can get rid of them, but only if I know they are there.  So, if you find any inappropriate links in the Linkey machine please let me know.  I'm hoping it's all gone!  Also, I have updated the Linkey machine so all the links on the old posts should be restored by Tuesday.  

Have a great weekend everyone!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Zendala Dare #100



Sure, it's a few days late, but I wanted to make sure it was just right, plus I have a little surprise for you.

When I began the Zendala Dare on April 13, 2012 it was because I had completed all of the official Zentangle Zendala pre-strung tiles and craved more.  At that time it was very difficult to find Zentangle appropriate templates so I decided to start creating my own.  If I was looking for options I knew that others were as well and it only seemed appropriate to share the wealth.  I never could have predicted what a supportive, creative group of tanglers would decide to join me on this journey!  

So today I want to say thank you.  I am truly humbled by all of your lovely comments.  I am especially grateful for all of you who stuck with me when things got sporadic over the last two years while I went to nursing school.  Without your emails, Facebook messages, and supportive comments I may have decided not to revisit the need for The Bright Owl and the Zendala Dare.  

Over the years many of you have asked if there is a "master list" of the templates so that you could choose one you like without having to open every post.  As a thank you, I have created such a list.  

Please note that this list is for your personal use only and remains the property of The Bright Owl.  It may not be copied, sold, or distributed without my permission.  Additionally, I would like to point out that you should not try to print templates from the list.  They will most likely be pixelated and not appropriate for tangling.  Please use this list as a reference to "quick pick" which template you like and then go to the appropriate post to get a printable PDF.  

This is a sample of the document.  Click on the link below to get the full doc.

Link to Zendala Dare template #100

This template has become a new favorite.  The reason the Dare is late it because I was celebrating my brothers birthday with family. Since he is a St. Patricks Day baby ( I also have a brother born on Christmas Eve.  My mom really needs to learn to plan better!) I thought a touch of green was in order.  I rather like the result.  Go Irish!!!

Tangles:  Copada, Cruffle, Metrik, BB

What are you bringing to the 
100th Zendala Dare celebration? 
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