Sunday, September 7, 2014

A quick note

Hey faithful readers, two quick things.

First, just wanted to let you know that we are having a GREAT giveaway over at my new blog Essentially Erin & Chris.  It features a few of my favorite everyday things and you have a chance to try them all for FREE!  And let's face it, free is always good.

Second, keep an eye out this week for a new Zendala Dare.  I can't make any promises but I think I can pull it off.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Goodbye.........for now

Hi there!  Remember me?  If you don't I don't blame you.  Think back real hard to 10 weeks ago when I told you all that I had made a momentous return.  Well, I lied and by now you have probably figured that out.  My life has been crazy lately and this picture is a pretty fair representation of whats been going on.

I had all these grand plans for summer and then everything went to crap.  There are no excuses.  Just summer school, a crazy work schedule and dealing with all the other obligations that life brings.  In the end something had to suffer and unfortunately it was my blog.  But saying it suffered is probably no a fair description, nothing is really "suffering", instead I like to think that it just a whole lot of awesomeness being postponed.  

On top of everything else, I sort of fell into a new blog.  As I have said in the past, I have a few medical issues that I deal with and after years of dealing with them the conventional way I decided to take a more natural approach and began utilizing essential oils to help deal with my symptoms.  My friend Chris decided to try them also and we had such great results that all of our friends were asking for info and it soon became evident that the best way to get the information out there was with a blog, and Essentially Erin & Chris was born!  Stop by and check it out if you like.  

So what does this mean for The Bright Owl?  Well, there won't be a whole lot of changes right now.  I will not be posting Zendala Dares consistently until after the first of the year.  This is mostly due to school.  When I do return and get back on a schedule, the Dares will mostly likely be monthly and not weekly in order to be consistent.  Some people have suggested that I just give up this blog.  I'm not talking to those people anymore.  lol

This has been and always will be my first blog baby and I could never give up Zentangle all together so while this is a goodbye, it won't be forever.

Before I go though, I need to deal with a promise I made 10 weeks ago.  You may remember that I promised a giveaway of Black Zendala Tiles for entries in the Zendala Dare #94.  Since I didn't hold up my end of the bargain and deal with it the next week I am going to go ahead and give away TWO sets of tiles and the winner's (picked by a random number generator) are:

      Linda B

   Jeanette Clawson

Ladies, I will be emailing you soon so I can send out your tiles!

Farewell loyal readers! 
 You'll be hearing from me hear and there and if nothing else I will see you in 2015!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zendala Dare #94 - Happy

Well hello there!  Remember me?  Your fearless Zendala Dare leader?  I didn't realize until I was checking old posts this morning that it has been 3 MONTHS since I last posted.  It feels like just a few weeks.  When I said I needed a break, I figured I would focus on school, do some Zentangles here and there, and have time for a little relaxation.  Unfortunately, the only one of those that occurred was finishing up the third semester of nursing school.  I had heard it was the most difficult, and it was pretty bad, but now that I have seen the schedule for the fourth semester, I am really worried.  It is a 5 day a week schedule with very little chance for anything else.  Not to worry.  I am hopefully getting things in place to avoid another hiatus, but remember, you agreed to take this crazy ride with me so I'm hoping you will hang onto this roller coaster ride regardless of what it might bring!

So, a little bit of catch up!  I did well in nursing school, I also had to take an extra History class to complete my degree and managed to get a B after struggling with History class for my entire life!  I  have also fallen into a new small business opportunity (which I will discuss at some point) and am working my butt off on the ambulance.  Other than that, it's status quo so lets get to the good stuff!

Zendala Dare #94 - Happy

I am beyond happy to be resuming the Zendala Dare.  I am happy to be off for the summer.  I am happy to be alive, well and living a great life.  This is the first Dare of the month so as you know, there is an extra challenge and that challenge is to tangle Happy.

Feel free to use tangles that start with the letters in Happy, go to a place and tangle that makes you Happy, or use the tangles that make you Happy to be a Zentangle artist.  Just be Happy this week.

Here's the template:

Link to Zendala Dare #94 templates

Tangles: Pepper, Cruffle, Dansk, Courant

It was a little difficult to get back in the swing of things after 3 months of not even picking up a Micron, but it was like riding a bike.  The Cruffle, Dansk and Courant are old favorites and I added in the Pepper to give it some contrast and structure. 

Because I want to thank you for sticking with me during this crazy time I thought we should have a giveaway.  I love these Black Zendala tiles from Zentangle and will be giving a set away.  All you need to do to be eligible is to complete this weeks Zendala Dare and link it below using the Linkey machine.  One entry per person please.  I will pick the winner using a random number generator on 6/13 at 6:00 PST.

So get to tangling!  And make sure to link up below for a chance at the Zendala Tiles!

Have a fantastic week!

Monday, March 10, 2014

A difficult decision

Can I just be honest for a moment?  I haven't wanted to Zentangle for a couple weeks now.  More specifically, I haven't wanted to make a Zendala.

I love the Zendala Dare, so much so that I think about it all the time.   New challenges, new templates, new name it, I think about it.  When it comes to completing the Zendala's however, I'm just not down with it.

As you have probably noticed, there was no Zendala Dare this week.  I tried all week to pull it together but my schedule just would not allow it.  I thought I could get it done yesterday but all I wanted to do is watch bad TV and avoid my homework.   I thought about writing a white lie and saying that my computer had broken or something but my readers deserve better so I abandoned that idea.  

So I had to take a hard look at what my issues were and figure out how to overcome them.  I knew that part of the problem was that I haven't had time for traditional Zentangles.  When I started the Zendala Dare I had a lot of time on my hands.  I did alot of traditional 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 tiles AND lots of Zendala's.  The traditional ones appeal to my organic side and my Zendala's appeal to the control freak in me.  Lately, things are so hectic that I have not been able to feed my creative side with traditional tiles and in turn my Zendala's have become a chore and as a result are not the kind of work I am proudest of.  

The second issue is school.  Oh, what to say about school.  I am in my third semester of nursing school and it is a killer.  Each semester is split into two different rotations.  This first rotation has really taxed me and I hear the second rotation is twice as bad.  More hours, more homework, more testing etc.  There isn't a whole lot of time for anything else and school has to be my priority.  And if nursing school wasn't enough, did I mention that I'm also taking a history class?  And I hate history.  I really, really, hate it.

I decided I needed some time to recharge.  Some time to focus on school, take the down time I need and not have to worry about deadlines.

So how does this affect the Zendala Dare?  Well, I'm going to have to limit my posts.  I will still be posting and giving you a Zendala Dare on a few random Saturdays but I will not be able to do weekly posts until after this semester has ended and I am able to fully commit to the Zendala Dare the way I want to.  So until June 1st, my posts will probably be few and far between, but don't worry there will be a few.  I apologize for having to do this but I really don't have a choice at this point.  I hope you understand and stick with me.  I love the Zendala Dare community we have built and hope to come back in June to make it even bigger and better.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Zendala Dare #93 - Snowflake Surprise

Well, it's been a VERY hectic two weeks but I'm back.  Testing, lectures, a small new business venture, and a weekend get away have kept me very busy.  I tend to think that I handle stress well but these last two weeks have really pushed me to the brink.  I think all is well now and I feel much more relaxed but I'm sure that stress monster is sure to rear it's ugly head again in a few weeks so bear with me!

Last weekend my husband and I ventured an hour away to the town of Sonoma where the hubby's sister and husban live along with my adorable nephew Calvin.  My husband and I have a very close relationship to our other nieces and nephew but due to distance we don't see Calvin as much.  We are trying to rectify that by heading to there house every couple of weeks for an overnight and some very much needed Auntie and Uncle time.  

The weather was beautiful so we decided a trip to Train Town was in order.  Train Town has a built to scale mini train ride along with a few other age appropriate rides.  We took my niece Avery with us so that Calvin would have a companion.  The kids had a great time and so did Auntie Erin and Uncle Ben!

I think she's a natural.

Fast friends

I think his hand on her knee is
beyond adorable

He's pretty excited about something

Somebody loves feeding the llama

After feeding the white llama she said she had
to feed the brown one "Because he had a look
of jealousy in his face".  Umm, ok.

Calvin has no fear of heights

Zendala Dare #93 - Snowflake Surprise

I mentioned above that I was on a weekend getaway.  The hubby and  I have joined a few other families at a cabin in the Sierras for lots of food, fun, games, and shenanigans.  The snow isn't as great as we would have hoped but at least there is SOME snow.  Since it is the first Zendala Dare of the month and I need to give you an added challenge I thought that creating a snowflake might be fun.  I have picked a template that I think lends itself to the challenge.  Now all you have to do is use it to create a Zendala representative of your vision of a snowflake.  

Here's what you have to work with:

My first attempt was a little heavy handed.  It looks more industrial that snowflake but, oh well.

Tangles:  Caviar, linework

My second attempt is closer to what I had in mind.  I'm not sure if it is more reminiscent of a snowflake because it's white or because it's more airy, but either way, I like this one more.

Tangles: Ramy, Betweed, Zinger
The tile above also uses Betweed because that is my "gift" tangle from Carmela.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can read about it here.  Just as a side note:  I have noticed that some readers are commenting that they "forgot to use the gift tangle".  The gift tangles were a side challenge for me, not necessarily for my readers.  By all means, if you would like to try out the new tangle I am using that week, go ahead.  New tangles are always a good thing!  I just don't want you to think you are obligated.

Please remember to link up below and have a great week!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

No Zendala Dare this week

Sorry but school is taking up all my time this week named I am unable to post a Dare. See you next week!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Zendala Dare #92

Ahhhhh.  I feel so relaxed writing this post.  Right now I am working a medical standby event on the ambulance at the Green Music Center.  Sonoma county is lucky enough to have a state of the art music facility at Sonoma State University and I am privileged enough to be able to listen to world class music and get paid!  Tonights performance is by the Santa Rosa Symphony.  I wish I could tell you what piece they are performing but I didn't pay attention to the schedule earlier.  All I know is that it's familiar.  Classical music really isn't my thing but I still enjoy listening to it and appreciating all the practice that goes into this type of performance.  It's an interesting process because in the afternoon there is a "rehearsal" that the public can attend and then in the evening there is the final performance.  Before the performance however there is a lecture by the conductor where he explains the piece being performed.  The Santa Rosa Symphony conductor, Bruno Ferrandis does a great job of explaining the composer's intent and why the piece is played the way it is.  Seriously, I'm getting paid for this?  I really am a lucky girl.  

Zendala Dare #92

Sometimes when I look at a template, I see obvious choices for the shapes.  For example, when I look at the ring of star like shapes on the outer edge of this template I automatically think AuraKnot.  Sometimes I give in and go with it.   Other times I refuse to go with the flow and instead try to challenge myself.  These week I decided I was in the mood for a challenge.

Tangles:  Limpitz, Lotus Pods, Mushnik,
Paradox, Courant
First I tackled the star shapes.  I wanted to keep some of the points but make the shape a little more organic so I added the Limpitz and Lotus Pods and then filled with some linework.  Next I added Mushnik on the edge and then suddenly realized that I needed to use a tangle from this blog post!  This weeks tangle is Paradox, given to me by Jean Chaney!  Of course I have used Paradox before, but it was time for a revisit and I am so happy with the result.  Thanks Jean! A little shading and the tile was done.  

Remember to link your creation below.  We all want to see it!

Have a great week!

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