Monday, October 5, 2015

Zendala Dare #111 - Halloween is coming!

Happy Monday everyone!  Is there actually ever a Happy Monday?  I don't know the answer but I guess I am just trying to see the positive in everything.  The last two weeks have been crazy and I apologize for my absence last week.  To much work and not enough tangling equal no Zendala Dare.  I have a similar situation this week but I knew I couldn't let you go without 2 weeks in a row.  I have been running around crazy today trying to prep for a trip to Disneyland tomorrow.  I thought I could get it all done, but alas, I am not Superwoman.  I am going to post the Dare anyhow but I will not be posting my entry until the weekend.  

Zendala Dare #111 - Halloween is coming!

Many of you might remember that on the first Zendala Dare of each month, I sometimes like to add an extra challenge and with my favorite holiday fast approaching I thought this would be a perfect opportunity!  Your challenge is to turn this template into a Halloween masterpiece.  That may involve color, words, bats, ghouls and goblins.  It's totally up to you!  I know my friend Alice of The Creators Leaf loves anything having to do with a Minion.  I think a Minion in a Halloween costume would be amazing!  Hint, hint Alice!  Have fun with the template and make sure to post your work below.  I'll post my addition later this week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Zendala Dare #110

Better late than never!  I'm running a little behind today but I finally managed to pull it together so let's not waste anymore time.  Here's the Dare!

Zendala Dare #110

Tangles:  Jetties, Sanibelle, Jalousie,

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty impressed with myself when it comes to this template.   I started with Jetties on the outer edge but then it looked like they were just sort of hanging there so I decided to cradle them with Sanibelle.  Jalousie and Printemps just seemed fitting so I threw them in.  Tell me a time when Printemps doesn't look good, right?  Once again I used my 5B pencil this week and it makes a world of difference.  So much better than just using a regular pencil.  

What will you do with this template?
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Zendala Dare #109

Hey there BOF's!  That's Bright Owl Followers. Yep, just made that up but I kinda like it.  I hope you are all having a fantastic week.  Things are tense here in northern California.  If you haven't heard, we have been having some devastating wild fires.  It started about two weeks ago with two large fires in the hills of Lake County.  The loss of structures was not as great as it could have been but we did lose a firefighter which is of course devastating.  This latest fire, the Valley Fire, grew to 40,000 acres in less than 12 hours!  It has displaced many of my co-workers, leveled other co-workers houses to ash, claimed the life of one civilian, took the life of numerous farm animals and pets and caused serious burns to 4 firefighters on a helicopter crew.  I am fortunate and blessed to not be in any danger but it is impacting our hospitals and emergency medical resources so I am picking up extra shifts where I can.  I am just counting my blessings that my family and friends are safe, my pets are ok, and my co-workers were not among the injured.   If you are the praying type, we would appreciate any you could send our way. 

Let's move onto something a bit lighter:

Zendala Dare #109

As many of you know, I usually create my templates in spurts and then save them for when I need them.  Sometimes as I'm going back through I notice that my love (or hate significant dislike) for them waivers.  This is one of those. 

When I first created this template I wasn't in love.  Even though I may not be thrilled with them, I usually don't delete them because it takes some significant time to get them just right and it seems wasteful to toss them.  I still have some from when I started the Dare 3 years ago that I have never used!  Anyways, I wasn't thrilled with the outside angles of this template but when I was choosing a template yesterday this one sort of spoke to me.  I think it said "Why do you hate me!" which of course made me feel guilty so I decided to use it.

Tangles:  DL Sunray, Courant, Coroom

None of these tangles are new to me but what is new is the amount of shading I did.  I'm not great at shading but I'm trying to get better.  I decided to actually dig out my art pencils this week and try something softer so I shaded the whole thing using a 5B pencil.  I don't know much about artsy stuff so I'm not sure if I was even using the right one but it did feel softer and blend easier than the Zentangle pencil I normally use.  I think I was able to achieve more definition, especially in the center and I am pleased with the result.  

What will you do with this template?
I can't wait to see!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Zendala Dare #108

Hi there!  Sorry to have been a flake last week but things got a little out of hand and I just couldn't pull a post together.  

A few months ago I got a nursing job at a hospital that closed last year but is re-opening under a new name with new management.  I thought nursing would be hard but I'm finding out that all the prep work to just be allowed to take care of patients is monumental!  It's a great learning experience and I am thrilled to part of an amazing team but the sporadic scheduling is daunting.  On top of that, I stumbled onto an unexpected opportunity to help at the local college teaching paramedic education so yeah, theres that too!   And let's not forget my regular job on the ambulance.  I am unbelievably happy, busy, tired, and frantic but loving every minute so if your wondering why there was no Dare last week, there ya go.  

Now lets get down to business.

Zendala Dare #108

Tangle: Paradox

I hate being predictable but when I see so many straight lines in a template I always want to fill it with Paradox.  There is something so satisfying about Paradox but I find it both relaxing and painful.  Once I'm in my groove it's very easy for me but after I finish each section I have a mini panic attack trying to figure out where to start the next section and then asking the eternal question of "clockwise or counter clockwise."  Luckily, I got it right on this one.  I also decided to switch it up a bit and filled the middle with my hybrid of Paradox and Auraknot.  If you aren't familiar with it you should give it a try.  It's lots of fun.  Directions can be found here.

Make sure to link up below and have a great week!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Zendala Dare #107

Hi there!  Hope you all had a wonderful week full of new experiences and exciting adventures.  Mine was not filled with anything close to that but instead of wasting your time telling you about boring stuff that doesn't matter I'm just going to jump into the Zendala Dare.  

Zendala Dare #107

Tangles:  Splinters, Equerre. Laced, Copada

I am really pleased with how this Zendala turned out.  I didn't realize until I had finished but the Equerre in the middle creates a faux celtic knot.  I love the tangle Splinters but it doesn't usually look this good.  I think the pen hashing on the edge makes a big difference.  

I hope you enjoy the template as much as I did.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Zendala Dare #106

Well hello there faithful readers!  I trust that you all had a wonderful week.  I saw that many of you visited The Diva's blog and participated in my guest post.  I loved what everyone did with the ZenDivaDala!  If you didn't have a chance to check it out you can hop on over there by clicking here.

My week consisted of lots of work and celebrating my nieces birthday.  She is such a cutie!

I also spent some time working on a new planner system I am developing.  I'm not sure if you guys know but I am in LOVE with paper planners and have tried just about every one there is to try but with my newest system, I feel like I am more organized than ever!  I draw out my week each Sunday night and I love how this week turned out.  I just have to share.

Come on, who doesn't love some hedgehogs?  I didn't realize until I was finished that these look creepily similar to possums on the road.  If I had some little car stickers I would throw those in there too!

Zendala Dare #106

This weeks Zendala is a bit of a departure.  It's actually just one shape that I have layered over and over again.  Transfer the template to a tile and try it for yourself!

Tangles:  Diva Dance, Confettus, Echoism

I love how this turned out.  I think that Diva Dance makes a great border and the shading turned out better than usual.  

I can't wait to see what you do with the template.  Don't forget to link up below.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Tangle - Batter

People often tell me that they enjoy hearing the story behind the tangle but today they may regret that statement because this one is a little weird. 

Most nights my brain has a usual routine at bedtime.  No matter how much I try to turn my brain "off" it insists on thinking about everything under the sun.  Usually I'm thinking about the next Zendala Dare, a new layout I want to try in my planner, or I am dreaming up crazy trips I want to go on with my nieces and nephews.   When I finally fall asleep there are lots of crazy dreams to contend with.  My dreams are colorful, realistic, and sometimes scary.  Often there is a bit of sleepwalking thrown in, but thats ok, I just count it as exercise.  My trainer is not so generous.  

In between falling asleep and dreaming I have another state that I'm sure some sleep specialist would have a name for but I just think of it as my "nonsense" state.  As I am falling asleep I go through a state where I start thinking of things that have no rhyme or reason.  Last night I was picturing myself wrapping a statue in cotton candy.    A couple days ago I had a vision where I saw a bunch of dogs and cats swimming in a pool filled with purple water.  Some people have suggested that these are actually dreams that I am remembering but I beg to differ.  When I dream I can ALWAYS trace it back to something that has happened in the last few days.  If there is pizza in a dream, I guarantee I ate pizza in the last few days.  If the dream includes an ocean, I can guarantee I have been to the ocean in the recent past.  A dream about and ambulance with a zebra in back, I guarantee I have had a recent ambulance shift.  (For the record, it would be so awesome if I found a zebra in the back of my ambulance!)  These "nonsense" visions however, are just that, nonsense with absolutely no correlation to my life.  I can't tell you if I have them every night because I think I just pass through them and go to sleep.  Other nights however, I become very aware that they are occurring and I find it very comforting when this happens because I know it means I am on my way to sleep.  Is this weird?  Does this happen to anyone else?

So what does this have to do with my new tangle Batter?  One night I was having one of these visions and it was like a line drawing of a housewife in fifties clothing.  She had a big bowl which appeared to be filled with a batter of some sort. 

My vision looked almost identical to this except it
was all pink and it was a line drawing, not a photo.

She was stirring it with a wooden spoon and it was leaving traces in the batter that sort of looked like a flower.  After seeing this I immediately got up and made a sketch.  The next day I started playing with it and the tangle Batter was born.  

And remember, you guys are the ones that ask where I get the idea for these tangles!



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