Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zendala Dare #98

Hi Everyone!  Thank you so much for understanding my need to put off the Zendala Dare last week so I could study for my state boards.  I am excited to say that after lot's of studying, stress and worrying I passed my state boards and can now call myself a Registered Nurse!  Now it's time to find a job!  

But before I get to that, how about a Dare?

Zendala Dare #98

Tangle: Paradox

I had big plans for this template but it had a mind of its own and next thing I knew it was a monotangle of Paradox.  I suppose there was worse things it could be right?

Make sure to link up below and share your Dare.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Sorry that I forgot to post that there will not be a Zendala Dare this week.  It totally slipped my mind until I looked at the calendar this morning and saw that it was already Wednesday.  EEK!  Anyways, I'm studying to take my nursing boards on Friday and just don't have time for a Zendala Dare this week but what I do have time for is to announce the winner of last weeks giveaway.

The winner of the Young Living Essential Oils is:

Cathy Cusson

Congrats Cathy and thanks to everyone who participated.
I'll see you all next Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zendala Dare #97 and a DOUBLE Giveaway!

Hi there everyone!!!  I hope you are all having a fantastic week and are ready to get started on another Zendala Dare. 

Before we jump into the Dare this week I want to let you in on a little secret, this week I have not one, but TWO giveaways!  You may or may not be aware that about six months ago I started another blog, Essentially Erin & Chris.  A while back my friend Chris and I decided to dive into the world of essential oils.  It soon became evident that we were finding the oils so useful for everything from helping with headaches and stomach upset to replacing household chemicals and beauty products that we needed to share our info and recipes with friends and family.  A blog seemed like a logical place to compile all this great information and Essentially Erin & Chris was born.  It's a place where we can talk not just about essential oils, but all the essentials in our life like family, friends, travel and anything else that suits our fancy.  Well, that brings us to the first giveaway.  Today I wrote a post on that blog about one the the most essential things in my life, Zentangle!  We already know what a wonderful resource Zentangle is but I want people who have never heard of it to start experiencing it too so I am having a giveaway for a Zentangle Kit at Essentially Erin & Chris.  You should pop on over and enter, everyone can use a Zentangle Kit!  Make sure to "like" our Facebook page over there so you can stay up to date on that blog too.

Now it only makes sense that if I'm giving away Zentangle goods on my essential oil blog, shouldn't I give away some essential oils on my Zentangle blog!  Well I think that is a grand idea!  

Lavender & Lemon essential oils are two of my absolute favorites.  Lavender is great for relaxation, helping with a more restful sleep, and it makes your towels and sheets smell amazing!  Lemon has a refreshing scent that is perfect for soap making, freshening your garbage disposal or try adding a drop or two to a steamy shower for a real pick me up!  Both these oils come from Young Living which is the only company I trust because of their "Seed to Seal" guarantee which promises the highest quality and purest oils.  I'm sending these two bottles to one lucky winner.  All you need to do is like my Essentially Erin & Chris Facebook page and then enter the Rafflecopter below.  I will pick a winner on February 23rd and announce it on next weeks Zendala Dare.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh,  stop fantasizing about everything your going to win, we've got a Zendala Dare to take care of!

Zendala Dare #97

Link to Zendala Dare #97 template

Tangles:  Black Pearlz, Antidot
I wish I had more time this week because I really liked this template.  I would love to try it with bolder tangles and less lifework but i do really love the way it turned out.  

What will you do with this weeks template?  Try it out and post your Zendala below.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Zendala Dare #96

After two years of nursing school and almost no time off, the hubby and I decided it was time for a mini vacation.  One of our favorite places to go is the coastal town of Mendocino, about 2 hours from our house.  It has beaches, hiking paths, a quaint little village and the best bed & breakfast I have ever been to, The Brewery Gulch Inn.  Our vacation was cut short by a combination of storms and power outages but we lucked out with a few breaks in the weather and snapped some pictures.  I've only been home 5 hours and can't wait to go back!

Zendala Dare #96

Tangles:  Allium, Fang, Pais, Btl Joos,
Courant, Facets

At first I thought this template might be too constricting but as I got going with it I found it easier and easier to fill.  I got to use and old favorite Pais and also threw in Fang.  I don't use Fang very often but it just seemed to fit so well and I love how it turned out.  What will you fill your template with this week? Make sure to use the Linky Machine below so we can all admire your work!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Zendala Dare #95

Hi Everybody!!!  I'm so happy to be back!  You have all been so supportive and understanding about the  crazy Zendala Dare schedule over these past 2 years and I truly appreciate it.  For those of you who are new to the Bright Owl, I have spent the last two years obtaining my nursing degree and I can now proudly refer to myself not only as a paramedic but as a Registered Nurse!!!   Even though I graduated in December, the holidays, a bout of pneumonia, and a crazy schedule have kept me from getting back to the Dare as fast as I would have liked but the point is, I'm here now and I'm ready to work.  

Me and my favorite nursing buddy, Nikki.  Thankfully we
don't have to wear those hideous white scrubs anymore!

One of the biggest things I have noticed about the blog is that even though I have not been posting, my Facebook page, my Pinterest, and my Tangle Links page have all been generating a ton of traffic even in my absence.  At one point I thought that maybe the Bright Owl and the Zendala Dare had run their course but in light of all the emails, comments and web traffic I can see that it just isn't true.  I have decided to continue the Dares with the caveat that while I hope to keep them a weekly installment, that may not be possible.  We may have to go biweekly or even monthly but I'm hoping it won't come to that.  What is changing though, is the day.  The Zendala Dare you to come out on Saturday morning but that is not conducive to my schedule right now.  I will be posting each Tuesday until further notice and as always will leave the linked machine open so you can post your entry whenever it is convenient.  

Enough with all this jibber jabber, how about a Dare?

Zendala Dare #95

I'll admit, at first glance I wasn't thrilled with this template (which is odd since I am the one that MAKES the templates), but I thought it had potential.  Since it was my first week back with the Dare and to be quite honest, I haven't done any serious tangling in 4 months, I decided to go simple.

Tangle:  Huggins

Please link you work below by entering your DIRECT link to your page.  

Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A quick note

Hey faithful readers, two quick things.

First, just wanted to let you know that we are having a GREAT giveaway over at my new blog Essentially Erin & Chris.  It features a few of my favorite everyday things and you have a chance to try them all for FREE!  And let's face it, free is always good.

Second, keep an eye out this week for a new Zendala Dare.  I can't make any promises but I think I can pull it off.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Goodbye.........for now

Hi there!  Remember me?  If you don't I don't blame you.  Think back real hard to 10 weeks ago when I told you all that I had made a momentous return.  Well, I lied and by now you have probably figured that out.  My life has been crazy lately and this picture is a pretty fair representation of whats been going on.

I had all these grand plans for summer and then everything went to crap.  There are no excuses.  Just summer school, a crazy work schedule and dealing with all the other obligations that life brings.  In the end something had to suffer and unfortunately it was my blog.  But saying it suffered is probably no a fair description, nothing is really "suffering", instead I like to think that it just a whole lot of awesomeness being postponed.  

On top of everything else, I sort of fell into a new blog.  As I have said in the past, I have a few medical issues that I deal with and after years of dealing with them the conventional way I decided to take a more natural approach and began utilizing essential oils to help deal with my symptoms.  My friend Chris decided to try them also and we had such great results that all of our friends were asking for info and it soon became evident that the best way to get the information out there was with a blog, and Essentially Erin & Chris was born!  Stop by and check it out if you like.  

So what does this mean for The Bright Owl?  Well, there won't be a whole lot of changes right now.  I will not be posting Zendala Dares consistently until after the first of the year.  This is mostly due to school.  When I do return and get back on a schedule, the Dares will mostly likely be monthly and not weekly in order to be consistent.  Some people have suggested that I just give up this blog.  I'm not talking to those people anymore.  lol

This has been and always will be my first blog baby and I could never give up Zentangle all together so while this is a goodbye, it won't be forever.

Before I go though, I need to deal with a promise I made 10 weeks ago.  You may remember that I promised a giveaway of Black Zendala Tiles for entries in the Zendala Dare #94.  Since I didn't hold up my end of the bargain and deal with it the next week I am going to go ahead and give away TWO sets of tiles and the winner's (picked by a random number generator) are:

      Linda B

   Jeanette Clawson

Ladies, I will be emailing you soon so I can send out your tiles!

Farewell loyal readers! 
 You'll be hearing from me hear and there and if nothing else I will see you in 2015!

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